Entrust your beloved ones to the Fraternity of Our Lady of Montligeon

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Faire dire une messe à Notre-Dame de Montligeon
Mass at Our Lady of Montligeon

Offer a Mass for loved ones

The Eucharist is the supreme realm where we proclaim our faith in the power of Christ’s Resurrection.
Offering a Mass is a way to affect Redemption to our specific situation. So many good reasons to do so: for the living, for the deceased, in thanksgiving, etc.

We all have good reasons to ask Christ for help

Have a Mass (or several) said for a special intention

Notre-Dame de Montligeon
The statue set of Our Lady of Montligeon

Enroll your loved ones in the Fraternity

Enrolling people in the Fraternity of Our Lady of Montligeon
means offering them perpetual Mass on a daily basis.

Ensuring them with the daily prayer of the sanctuary

Mass offered for a deceased person is a way of continuing to manifest them love after they are gone.

Showing love beyond death

Offering perpetual Mass for living loved ones is endowing them with a spiritual gift
which will endure for ever, even after their death.

Confiez vos proches à la prière du sanctuaire
Entrust your beloved to the shrine prayer

Present a prayer intention

Do send in your prayer petitions by means of our contact form. Your intentions will reach one of the shrine chaplains.

Every first Wednesday of the month, petitions are specially presented during the Eucharistic adoration

Each first Wednesday of the month, the Eucharist is celebrated for all the intentions entrusted to the shrine.
Moreover, they are presented during the adoration held on that day from 2 pm till 5 pm at the adoration chapel of the Basilica.

In addition, a special intention Mass can also be celebrated for a dear deceased person, even if they are already enrolled in the Fraternity of Montligeon.

On the first Thursday of the month, Mass is celebrated for the employees and the volunteers of the shrine.
On the first Saturday of the month, the Eucharist is for the shrine benefactors.

Come and join in the prayer of the Church at the shrine of Our Lady of Montligeon
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