Catering facilities

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Catering amenities at the shrine of Montligeon accommodate pilgrims for meals, on a daily basis, and the whole year through. They offer a local and family-type of French cuisine.

A local and family-type cuisine

Our catering service receives all pilgrims, whether on a day-visit, or on a longer stay. Directly from local producers, food is cooked and served on the premises by our catering personnel. 

Please note that:

All meals have to be booked in advance. Breakfast: (self service) from 8:00 to 09:30 Lunch is served at 12:30 sharp Evening meal is served at 19:30 sharp Special diets, excepting saltless or fatless, cannot be accommodated. Since allergy diets are potentially dangerous if misapplied, we cannot provide for them. If your allergy is severe, please bring your own meals. We will take it into account at the end of your stay with regards to your sojourn financial participation.

Meals are served in dining-room within the “Ermitage” (main accommodation building of the shrine). By regard to the personnel as much as the other guests, compliance with the service schedules is expected from all.

Suggested financial contributions

Proposition de participation aux Frais (repas, hébergement)

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