Believing in eternal life

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For many people, the meaning of life and its major related issues concerning death and after-life remain often unanswered. The vocation of the shrine of Montligeon is to publicize the Christian faith in eternal life.

The death of a beloved is always cause of much grief. In societies saturated with information of all kinds fundamental interrogations, relating to the meaning of life, death or life beyond death, are often eluded and left unanswered. Montligeon’s core apostolate is to reveal Christian faith in eternal life and to help people to open up to it. In Montligeon, such conviction specifically materializes in praying for the souls in Purgatory.

Life does not end with death!

Christ died and rose again so that in turn, following Him, we may pass from death to life. Such is the essence of Christian Faith, such is at the fundation of Montligeon’s message. Eucharistic celebration is the absolute instance for proclaiming our faith in the power of Resurrection, and for already experiencing the new life that Christ came to offer us.

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Reunited with our beloved for eternal life

Death entails separation. Relationships and bonds appear to be broken once and for all. However, in faith, we enter into a new type of connection with our deceased relations, that of a profound spiritual communion, sustained by prayer, confident that we shall meet again one day. In Montligeon, a concrete step is on offer to express to deceased relations one’s gratitude or ask for their forgiveness, in congruence with our faith in the power of the communion of Saints.

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Through prayer, already united with our deceased relations

At the Shrine of Montligeon, we pray for deceased people, for souls in Purgatory, so that love purification process may come to completion in them. We also are aware of being escorted and supported by all those who are already with God,  i.e. the Saints, and who intercede for us. By enrolling deceased people in Our Lady of Montligeon Fraternity, you ensure that they will specifically be part of the Shrine prayer. Doing so is a genuine act of charity!

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