The apostolate of the shrine of Montligeon

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What kind of apostolate is offered by the CSM chaplains and of the Sisters of the New Covenant at the shrine of Our Lady Montligeon?

Rev. Fr. Don Paul Denizot, rector of the shrine, answers.

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The Four Last Things from a Catholic perspective

We only but just celebrated All Saints Day on 1st November, followed by All Souls Day on 2nd November. A great opportunity to revisit fundamentals of our faith in eternal life

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Homélie de la Vigile Pascale

About the Resurrection – 2022 Paschal Vigil homily

by Rev. Fr. Paul Denizot, on Saturday 16th April 2022 A German theologian said one day that the eventual miracle of a corpse brought back to life, would ultimately not matter since it would not impact our lives in the slightest. Lastly, we would not […]

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Don Thomas Lapenne au micro de Guillaume Desanges pour RCF.

What becomes of love after death?

Death is a scandal. It is not meant to be associated with humane love for, when one loves, it is forever! What becomes of love after death? Is it severed once and for all? Rev. Fr. Don Thomas answers, at Guillaume Desanges for the French […]

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