Become a Hope Maker

2023 – 2029 Restoration campaign

Our Lady’s basilica, at the outstanding shrine of Montligeon, where one comes and find comfort and hope, is in jeopardy and in need of your generosity.

Ensuing a beloved’s death, or when life gets too burdensome, the emblematic basilica of the shrine of Montligeon represents a unique marker, a beacon of consolation and relief for countless people. It stemmed from the relentless resolve of a simple countryside parish priest, Fr. Buguet (1843-1918). No miracle here, but insight: that of praying and engaging people to pray for the departed, together with seeking to provide a livelihood for his parishioners, by means of secured employment. Pilgrims have been flocking to the shrine for over a century, seeking comfort and hope. Presently, our basilica is in jeopardy and in need of your generosity. I eagerly entreat you to in turn become a Hope Maker.

“This basilica is truly magnificent!”

Guided tour of the shrine by its rector Fr. Denizot for the France Bishops Conference
(source : Église catholique en France)

66%* is tax-deductible when donating through the ASBM,
Association de sauvegarde de la basilique de Montligeon.

To have one’s name engraved on one (or several) slate(s) is a splendid manner to participate in this age-old work.
Once fitted in the new basilica rooftop, your special gift shall be set to last for over a century!

* For people paying tax in France: donations are deductible from personal income tax (up to 66% of the amount of the donation) and within the limit of 20% of your taxable income.

A basilica in jeopardy

3 major domains of urgency concern its rooftop, stained-glass windows, and stonework. Refurbishment works can no longer be postponed. Invisible to the eye of non-specialists, the derelict features undermine the whole construction.

Stained-glass windows

Costs for the 22 stained-glass windows to be restored: €826, 496.00

Une basilique en danger- vitraux
Restoration or replacement of stained glass

Absolute works of art depicting eschatological topics and the Communion of saints, the stained-glass panels adorning the choir (alluding to The Passion of Christ, his Resurrection and his Ascension, along with those depicting the life of the Blessed Virgin Mary) are presenting corroded fetters, warped lead portions, and broken and missing fragments.

Urgently required: replacement of the cracked, warped or missing, glass. ∙ Total or partial replacement of the lead lattice and corroded fetters. ∙ Securing the weakened or damaged elements.

Slate roofing refurbishing

Total cost for the 2,650 Square meters: €1,473, 512.00 

Une basilique en danger - toiture
Restoration or replacement of slate roofing

The basilica rooftop is the initial roofing (1903). Over the years, its various components have become brittle and, in places, display significant flaws and deterioration.

Urgently required: replacement of all slates. ∙ renewal of and waterproofing all seals ∙ refurbishing of rain waters evacuation system.

Stonework urgent repairs

Funds to be raised to meet them:€1,008, 386.00 

Une basilique en danger- maçonnerie
Restoration or replacement of eroded seals

Decades of bad weather conditions have impaired the balustrades, ornaments and sculptures, as well as windows and buttresses, and ashlar jointing seals.

Urgently required: Renforcement of eroded seals so as to ensure watertight ashlar joints∙ replacement of some of the latter∙ Sealing of clefts, and stonework re-pointing.

Become an artisan
of hope

Partake in the renovation of the basilica
Become an artisan of hope Partake in the renovation of the basilica

The basilica: a beacon of comfort and hope

Testimonies of hurting people who have come to the shrine of Montligeon seeking comfort and hope

“Mary, watch over my girls, until we meet again!”

Erick and Sylvia visit regularly to Montligeon; they come and pray for their two daughters who got slaughtered by terrorists during the Paris attacks on Nov 13, 2015.

“Looking forward to, one day, be reunited with my deceased wife.”

Yves, a widower who first came and visited the shrine on July 31st 2020 in order to pray for his wife.

“Helping the departed and comforting the living.”

Oliver came to Montligeon in September 2021, together with his 3 girls, to attend a retreat for the bereaved further to his wife’s demise.

The French foundation of national heritage protection supports the endeavours for the restoration of the basilica

At the shrine On January 12th, 2023.
The French foundation of national heritage protection supports the endeavours for the restoration of the basilica of Montligeon. Claude Trianon, regional delegate of the foundation signed the agreement (here pictured with Vincent Arreckx, Secretary General of the shrine and Fr. Don Paul Denizot, rector.

2022 survey before restoration

Native of the Perch Region, Thomas Guillet is a surveyor at the French Art Graphique & Patrimoine, a research firm specialized in three-deminsional high definition surveys of movable and immovable heritage. He came to the shrine in June 2022 to survey the 2600 square meters of roofing, the 22 stained-glass windows and the masonry of the Nave and the choir, in urgent need of refurbishing.

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