The Fraternity of Montligeon

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Montligeon is not a mere pilgrimage destination. It brings living and deceased people together in a vast spiritual fraternity. All Montligeon Fraternity enrollees benefit from the daily perpetual Mass celebrated to their intent at the Shrine and in various places worldwide by means of its associate members. Funded by Fr. Buguet at the beginning of his charitable endeavours, its members amount nowadays to millions.

More about the Montligeon Fraternity

The spiritual Fraternity of Our Lady of Montligeon is encompassed in the vast family of the communion of Saints. All people enrolled in the Montligeon Fraternity are included in the shrine daily prayers, particularly in the daily Mass celebrated for all members of the Fraternity, whether deceased or still living, at 08:00 am, on week days, and at 11 am on Sundays and Feast days.


Faith in the Communion of Saints

Who can be enrolled in the Fraternity?

  • A deceased person
  • Someone still alive.  Even after death do people remain full members of the Fraternity and continue to benefit from the daily prayers of the Shrine.
  • Self

Enrolment in the Fraternity of Montligeon is open to all. To be self-enrolled is not compulsory in order to register someone – deceased or not, or oneself –. Enrolling someone in the Fraternity of Our Lady Liberator demonstrates faith in the communion of Saints: it ensures that enrollees will be remembered in the daily prayers said to their intent at the shrine, and throughout the world by means of the Montligeon associate members.

You too can join the Fraternity for, not only will you benefit from the shrine prayer and from the daily perpetual Mass, but you enlarge your personal prayers and devotions to that of the whole of the Fraternity.

Moreover, you may recommend a relative, a friend, or any person (whether deceased or alive) who might require the patronage of the Fraternity prayers.

A simple and personal gesture

Enrolment in the Fraternity of Montligeon is straightforward, and is carried out once and for all. You can do it online from home (access our form), or by postal mail, or in person at the reception desk.

Enrolment is nominative, and individual, (not for a family – or a parish – cluster as such). Do not forget to state first and last names for each of the enrollees, and whether they are living or departed. Do not omit to provide your full details so that we may forward the enrolment documents.

An offering endeavor

Fr. Buguet wanted his Opus of Prayer for the Departed to be the “Oeuvre of the poor“. At the time the offering for enrolling someone was renewable. Its amount allowed everyone, even the most humble of people, to become “associates” of the Work. Nowadays, enrolment is final. No fixed contribution but an open offering, paid once and for all.

However, when offering a daily and perpetual Mass, the suggested contribution is equivalent to that of two masses in your diocese. For exemple, at the Shrine it amounts to our diocese of Séez (France) offering, i.e. of 36€ (2 x 18€).

When enrolling someone in the Montligeon Fraternity, you demonstrate personal charity towards them; furthermore,  your offering enables the shrine of Montligeon to pursue its mission and fulfill its vocation.


How does it differ from any other Mass offering?

Enrolment in the Fraternity is permanent and does not need to be repeated. Neverthelss, such a deed does not exclude other acts that will make manifest our faith in the communion of Saints. Offering Masses to the very same intent is always feasible, and can be completed at the shrine, at your parish, or wherever Holy Eucharist is celebrated. In any case, such recommendation is significant and in doing so, benefactors ought to unite, in spirit or in person, with the intended Eucharistic celebration.

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