Cottage Accommodation

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The shrine offers a selection of 12 snug self-catering refurbished and fully-equipped cottages of various sizes., distributed in the hamlet, within a short walking distance of the Basilica. Ideal for small constituted groups, and families, seeking a more intimate sojourn. Let us know of your requirements, we will do the rest!

The cottages detail as follows:

St Joseph’s

St Christopher’s

St Alexis’

St. Catherine’s

“Family cluster” (or snugged together) Cottages

◊ St. John Evangelist’s

◊ Sts. Louis & Zelie Martin’s

◊ St. Nicolas’

◊ St. Jane Beretta Molla’s

◊  St. Raphael’s

◊  St. J-B de la Salle’s

◊  Bd. Luigi & Maria Beltrame-Quattrocchi’s

◊  St. Dominic Savio

For further enquiry or booking, email us at:

Please note that:

Checking-in: From 16:00 to 18:00 on arrival day. Check-out: before 12:00 (noon) on departure day. Cleaning is yours to do. Equipment (brooms, cloths, mops, etc) supplied, cleaning products not provided.

Don’t forget to bring: your linen, towels, toilet rolls, food supply etc. Even though enjoying the self-catering cottage options, you may choose to take meals at the Shrine (to be booked in advance at reception desk).

Whilst staying at a cottage, you may still partake in the various spiritual activities and services on offer daily at the Shrine: worship (Holy Mass, morning & evening prayers, Rosary, confessions etc.), or meet with a priest or a nun for counsel, visit our religious souvenirs & bookstore,  the reception, or the secretariats (to enrol people in the Montligeon Fraternity, for donations, or Mass intentions, or to set a Montligeon Prayer Group up.)

Cottages specificities

All cottages offer: Wifi, fully-equipped kitchen (electric cooker and oven, micro-wave, fridge, coffee-maker, kettle)

Furthermore, the “Family cluster” cottages offer: access to enclosed garden with children’s outdoor games, as well as to an equipped collective laundry room. Cots and baby tubs are also made available.

St. Joseph’s

Sleeps 8 to 10 people
Location: beneath the main courtyard, beside St. Teresa’s building.
Description — Ground-floor: fully equipped kitchen, living room with sofa (sleeps 2). Separate toilets. 1st floor:  1 double room, 2 x 3 twin rooms (2 bunk-bedded & 1 single bed), bathroom and shower.

+ Specifics:
Enclosed garden (pet-friendly)
Direct view on & access to Basilica and domain

St. Christopher’s

Sleeps from 5 to 7 people
Location — On Basilica Avenue, beneath the Basilica main entrance.
Description — First-floor apartment with independent exterior staircase-entrance.  Fully equipped kitchen, living room with sofa (sleeps 2). First floor: 2 twin rooms;  cot on first landing, single bed on 2nd landing, bathroom (bath), and 2 separate toilets.

+ Specifics:
Duplex appartment
Separate kitchen storage room
Toilets on each floor

St. Alexis’

Sleeps 2 to 4 people
Location — On Basilica Avenue, beneath the Basilica main entrance.
Description — Ground floor cottage with fully equipped kitchen, living-room (with double-bed sofa), separate bathroom (shower),and toilets on landing. An additional bed can be put in on request. 

+ Specifics:
Thoroughly ground-floor
Direct view on Basilica and domain

 St. Catherine’s

Sleeps — up to 9 people
Location beneath the Basilica main entrance.
Description: Ground-floor entrance within collective courtyard.
On ground floor: fully equipped separate kitchen, living room, 3 bedrooms: 2 twins, 1 x 3 bedded (2 bunk-beds, 1 single), separate bathroom (bath), and separate toilets. First floor: 1 double room, with a toddler bed, and a washbasin.

+ Specifics:
Direct view on the Basilica
Full bath

St John  the Evangelist’s

Sleeps up to 12 people
Description Ground-floor: in the hallway: separate toilets, living-room with sofa (sleeps 2), fully equipped open space kitchen, and garden. First floor: 1 double room, 1 x 3 room (2 bunk beds and 1 single bed), 1 single room,  bathroom (with shower), separate toilets.  On second floor: 1 x 3 bedded-room, bathroom (with shower), and separate toilets.

+ Specifics:
Access to the enclosed family cluster garden, beneath the Basilica.  

Sts Louis & Zelie Martin’s

Sleeps — up to 10 people
Description — Reduced-mobility access (RMA) street entrance,  large ground floor fully equipped kitchen,  patio, extra large dining-room accommodating up to 50 people (for special gatherings), 1 bathroom with 2 showers, 1 RMA bathroom with shower and toilets, bunk-bedded room (sleeps 10).

+ Specifics:
RMA patio & access to the family cluster enclosed garden

St. Nicolas’

Sleeps up to 13 people
Description — Two separate entrances (main street & side-alley). The whole ground floor is reduced-mobility accessible; fully equipped kitchen with dining room, toilets, 1 specifically RMA double room with en suite bathroom (shower). First floor: 3 twin room (2 x 2 bunk beds and 1 twin room), shower bathroom and separate toilets. Second floor: 1 x 3 single-bedded room, 1 twin room, shower bathroom and separate toilets.

+ Specifics
Access by either the side-alley of the town hall, or by main street entrance  

St.  Jeanne Beretta-Molla’s

Sleeps up to 6 people
Description Side-alley entrance. Ground floor: fully equipped kitchen with dining room. Bathroom and toilets. First floor: double room with en suite bathroom (shower) and toilets. Second floor: 1 x 2 bunk-bedded room, 1 twin room, bathroom (shower) and separate toilets.

St. Raphael’s

Sleeps up to 2 people
Description Ground floor: Fully equipped kitchen. First floor: 1 double room, bathroom (shower), toilet. Can merge with St. JB of Salle’s on request.
+ Specifics:
Can merge with St. J-B. de la Salle’s on request 

St. J.B. of Salle’s

Sleeps— up to 17 people
Description— 3 separate entrances. Ground floor: 1 reduced-mobility accessible double room with en suite bathroom (shower) and separate toilets; fully equipped kitchen with dining room opening onto the garden. First floor: one single room, 2 x 2 bunk-bedded rooms, 2 bathrooms, and toilets. Second floor: 1 x 4 single rooms, separate bathroom (shower) and toilets.

+ Specifics:
Reduced-mobility Access
Can merge with St. Raphael’s

Blessed Luigi & Maria Beltrame-Quattrocchi

Sleeps — up to 6 people
Description — Upstairs apartment, accessible from cluster collective enclosed gardens by external staircase.  On that level, fully-equipped kitchen/dining/living-room with sofa (sleeps 2), one double-bedded room, 1 x 2 bunk-bedded room, separate bathroom and toilets.

St. Dominique Savio’s

Sleeps— up to 10 people
Description Ground-floor dormitory with 5 x 2 bunk-beds out of which 1 pair of bunkbeds is slightly set aside (alcove), two shower cabins, double-washbasin, separate toilets.

+ Specifics:
Access to the enclosed garden within the Family Hamlet  
 Direct view on the Basilica 

For enquiries in view of booking a cottage, please use the contact form:

Whether coming you would like to come and stay with a constituted group or on your own, we have several activities on avail, that you might be interested by.

Please enquire further with us so that you may organize your stay at best.

The shrine offers pilgrims to be accommodated in its cottages

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