The “Shrine Team”

Spiritual facilitation

Thanks to the Nuns of the New Convenant  Sœurs de la Nouvelle Alliance, and to the  priests of Communauté Saint Martin (St. Martin’s community) available on a daily basis at the Shrine, you may partake in daily Mass, Morning or Evening Prayers, go to confession,  or be received for counseling.  They compile the varied spiritual activity program which is on avail throughout the year.

The 2023-2024 chaplaincy team at Our Lady of Montligeon: Fr. don Pierre Gazeau (chaplain), Fr. don Thomas Lapenne (chaplain), Fr. don Paul Denizot (rector), Fr. don Stephane Pelissier (chaplain), Fr. Charles Lenoir (diocesan priest), Fr. don Axel de Perthuis (chaplain).

Don Paul
Denizot, rector

Rev. Fr. (don) Paul Denizot trained as an engineer; was ordained a priest of the Community of Saint Martin in 2009; holds a a canonical license in theology at the Institut Saint Thomas d’Aquin (Toulouse, France); was appointed rector of the shrine of Our Lady of Montligeon in 2018; and also teaches dogmatic theology at the Evron (France) formation house of the community of Saint Martin.

Don Pierre

Rev. Fr. (don) Pierre Gazeau is chaplain of the shrine of Our Lady of Montligeon. He used to serve at of the shrine of Our Lady of Lourdes; and was vicar of the parish of Cellettes, in Sologne.

Don Thomas

Priest of the Community of Saint Martin since 1998, Rev. Fr (don) Thomas Lapenne is a doctor of philosophy. After several years in Italy (Genoa and Rome), he was appointed as chaplain of the shrine of Our Lady of Montligeon in 2021. He is a teacher at the seminary of the community of Saint Martin in Evron (France).

Don Axel
de Perthuis

Rev. Fr. (don) Axel de Perthuis was ordained in June 2022 and began his ministry as chaplain of the shrine of Our Lady of Montligeon. Prior to becoming a seminarian, he fulfilled his studies at the famous Ecole Polytechnique. Native of Paris outskirts.

Fr. Charles

Rev. Fr. Charles Lenoir is a priest and diocesan delegate to the consecrated life, and chaplain of Fraternité Pentecôte in the diocese of Séez. Chaplain at the shrine of Our Lady of Montligeon, since 1st Sept. 2023.

Don Stéphane

Rev. Fr. (don) Stephane Pélissier was ordained priest in 1999 for the Community of Saint Martin. After serving as priest and parish priest in several places in France, he was appointed in Montligeon for the year 2023-2024.

The basilica of Our Lady of Montligeon, dedicated to “Our Lady of Deliverance of the Poor Souls” is a pilgrimage church, and a shrine devoted to the prayer for the deceased. It locates in the village of La Chapelle-Montligeon, in the Perche region of Normandy.

At the shrine of Montligeon employees and volunteers are eager to offer pilgrims the best of stays so to enable them to find a true place of respite, comfort and solace. They endeavour to help our hosts take time and deepen their relation with God. Workforce review!


They most generously give time to Montligeon. You might encounter them assisting at the shop, the reception desk or the secretariats, or flowering the basilica and sometimes even transporting pilgrims to or from the train station! Should you wish to join them, do not hesitate a minute, you will not regret it!

At the reception desk

There you will find all the help you need to organise your sojourn. They will take care of you during your stay, helping you with requests or enquiries, or information about the forth coming activities.

The religious store

Want to bring home a Montligeon souvenir? Visit our religious bookstore and check on monastic and local crafts, find a postcard or  literature life after death,  lectures on CDs or baptismal gifts;  the Boutique crew will even help you choose, if you ask them! Check the dedicated page on la Boutique. Also, get one of the chaplains to bless your gifts.

The management

The shrine employs over thirty employees, and thus, it obviously requires “earthly” management to ensure proper functioning, of both material and human resources, that entails regulation and organization of its various units like accounting for paychecks, for example.

The Communication service

Found a poster of the shrine for your local church, an insert in your favourite magazine, or on your Facebook wall, or the shrine fund-raising newsletter in your mailbox? Seek no more,  just part of the numerous creations of  the shrine P.R. Team!

The various secretariat services

The ladies on the ground-floor office pool their time and efforts to answer your mails,  register your enrollees to the Montligeon Fraternity, ( enroll in Montligeon Fraternity), deal with your Mass requests, or subscriptions to the shrine journal ; whilst at the rector’s office, two staff members deal with his personal agenda, or assist him with preparing his conferences and missions at international level!

The Montligeon Prayer Groups office

Need to find out about the nearest MPG? Or on how to set one up? Montligeon Prayer Groups or ask for Virginie.

Catering facilities

Guess who is behind the great meals that you will enjoy at the shrine? Or behind the friendly crew serving in its dining rooms? Answer: our cooks and table service brigade, of course!

Cleaning and maintenance

From clean crispy bed linen, spotless floors and bathrooms, to working bedside lamps, our cleaning and maintenance crews are at your service!