The “Shrine Team”

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From reception to cleaning, or  accounting services to bouquet-making for the basilica, a great number of people actively help and serve at the Shrine.

Count on us all to do our utmost to offer pilgrims the very best, so that you may enjoy a true break, whether they seek respite, solace, support, or to take time with God. Let us detail who makes it possible.

Spiritual facilitation

Thanks to the Nuns of the New Convenant  Sœurs de la Nouvelle Alliance, and to the  priests of Communauté Saint Martin (St. Martin’s community) available on a daily basis at the Shrine, you may partake in daily Mass, Morning or Evening Prayers, go to confession,  or be received for counselling.  They compile the varied spiritual activity program which is on avail throughout the year.


The ladies at the desk are the ones to come to during your stay but not only;  they will answer queries,  whether by phone,  email, or in person. Don’t worry: they have all the details!

The various secretariats

The ladies of the shrine secretariat pool their time and efforts to answer your mails,  register your enrolees to the Montligeon Fraternity, ( enroll in Montligeon Fraternity), deal with your Mass petition requests, and subscriptions to the Shrine Mag ; whilst at the rector’s office, two others deal with his personal secretariat and agenda, or assist him with preparing his conferences and missions at international level!

Montligeon Groups of Prayer

Need to find out about the nearest MPG? Or on how to set one up? Montligeon Prayer Groups


They most generously give time to Montligeon. You might encounter them assisting at the shop, the reception desk or the secretariats, or flowering the basilica and sometimes even transporting pilgrims!

The shrine Public Relations team

In need of posters or billboards to promote Montligeon Shrine at your church, or with your favorite magazine? Received a donation appeal in your mailbox? Do not wonder any further, it’s all to do with the Public Relations team!


Guess who is behind the great meals that you will enjoy at the Shrine?   And the friendly service at tables in its dining rooms? Our own cooks crew and table service brigade, of course!

Cleaning and Maintenance services

From clean crispy bed linen, spotless floors and bathrooms, to working bedside lamps, our  cleaning and maintenance crews are at your service behind the scenes!

Religious Boutique-Bookstore

Want to bring home a Montligeon souvenir? Visit our religious bookstore and check on local monastic crafts, postcards, literature on eschatology or the life of Saints, CDs or baptismal gifts;  the Boutique crew will even help you choose, if need be!


The Shrine counts than 35 employees, and thus, it obviously requires “earthly” management to ensure proper functioning, of both material and human resources, that entails regulation and organization of the various units of its extensive structure.

So, when can we expect to meet you?

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