Christmas at the shrine

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Individually or with friends or relatives, come and encounter Christ and celebrate Hope at the shrine of Our Lady of Montligeon

Christmas Eve: 24 December 2021

At the basilica, from 4 pm to 7 pm: Confessions 

2 Eucharists at Christmas in Montligeon :

21:00 – Vigil followed by Holy Mass at the basilica [DIRECT] Live broadcast 21:00 – Holy Mass at Montligeon parish church

Christmas Day 25 December 2021

08:00 –  Mass at Montligeon parish church* 09:30  – Morning prayers [DIRECT] Live broadcast 11:00 – Christmas Day Mass at the basilica [DIRECT] Live broadcast – 15:00 – Vespers and salute of the Blessed Sacrament    (Basilica)

* The Dawn Mass is traditionally celebrated before daybreak on Christmas day.

See you soon!

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