Heaven’s Pilgrimages

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Touching hearts beyond death

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5 Pilgrimages to choose from: come and pray for your deceased loved ones from 1st till 22nd November 2020 (available in digital !)

Foreword by Fr. Guillaume d’Anselme, chaplain

5 good reasons to come and participate in the Heaven’s Pilgrimages at Montligeon

At the core of all the spiritual activities on offer at the shrine, the 5 “Heaven’s Pilgrimages” are the summon of the prayer for the deceased. Taking place in November every year, on All Saints Day and All Souls Day, they develop during the subsequent 3 following Sundays. They represent a tremendous opportunity to welcome numerous groups of pilgrims from near and afar, especially Montligeon Prayer Groups. They also offer to renew ones’ – or to engage in- committing to praying for the souls in purgatory, or to receive theological tuition, and to altogether experiment the spiritual Fraternity of Montligeon.

By means of praying and thanksgiving together, confessions, and tuition, we can enter in full communion with our beloved departed.

The core is to insist on praying for our deceased brothers and sisters and experience the solidarity of the Communion of Saints, here on earth and in heaven. By means of praying and thanksgiving together, confessions, and tuition, we can enter in full communion with our beloved departed.

Montligeon Heaven’s Pilgrimages
in view (2019)

The Heaven’s Pilgrimages take place at the shrine and follow a day schedule. They begin at 10 am by a collective spiritual preparation with possibility to go to confessions. High Mass is celebrated at 11 am. Then lunch break. At 2:30 pm, Rosary. 3 pm: tuition on Christian Hope. The day pilgrimage ends with Vespers and the salute of the Blessed Sacrament. All is done to unable pilgrims to head home by 5 pm. Each of these Day Pilgrimages are facilitated and preached by a renowned priest or bishop.

What is commemorated on All Souls Day?

Reverend Fr. Paul Denizot, rector of the shrine of Our Lady of Montligeon

Indeed, we can continue to care for our deceased and be supported by the prayer of the Church: this is at the core of the great message of hope that the shrine proposes to share throughout November during the Day Pilgrimages organized here in Montligeon.

Free attendance,
but registration is compulsory

Everyone can take part in the pilgrimages, free of charge. Yet, registration is compulsory if you wish to take a meal at the shrine dining rooms (suggested offering: 14 €) or to take your picnic on our premises (so as to organise), or to arrange for overnight accommodation (suggested offering per room: 36€).

For constituted groups taking their picnic, it is essential to let the reception know so as to accommodate your group indoors (November can be cold sometimes in Normandy!)

Registrations can be made over the phone
+33 (0)2 33 85 17 00.

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November 2020 schedules
of celebrations


(on Saturdays in November)

07:30 – Lauds Live
08h00 Mass Live

16:00 – Adoration / confessions
17:15 – Rosary Live
17:45 – Vespers Live

20:30 Vigile Live  : Heaven’s Pilgrimages and Vigile of prayer for Life


(on Sundays in November)

Heaven’s Pilgrimages on 1st, 8th, 15th, 22th and 29th November.

09:00 – Lauds Live
11:00 – Mass Live
14h30 – Chapelet Live
15:00 – Tuition Live
15:45 – Vespers followed by the Salute of the Blessed Sacrament Live

Mondays to Fridays

(Every day throughout November)

07:30 – Lauds Live
08:00 – Mass Live

17:15 – Adoration / confessions
18:15 – Rosary Live
18:45 – Vespers Live

2nd Nov.

3 Masses

08:00 – Mass Live
09:00 – Lauds Live
9:30 – Benediction of tombs at cemetery
11:00 – Meass Live
14:30 – Rosary Live
15h – Tuition Live
15:45 – Vespers and salute of the Blessed Sacrament Live
17:00 – Mass Live

How do I register
à to the YouTube channel
of the shrine?

On Youtube,
click on the proposed video, then click on the red button to the right.

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2020 All Saints Day and All Souls Day:
an exceptional digital approach
with ‘Prions en Église’ magazine

From 23rd October until 11th November 2020,
on earth as it is in Heaven at Our Lady of Montligeon

Father Paul Denizot, rector of the shrine, and Ms. Karem Bustica, Publishing Manager of “Prions en Eglise” monthly magazine

« On earth as it is in Heaven », prayer vigiles, hymn singing, catechisms, petitions requests.
Prepare for All Saints and All Souls Days, follow the Eucharists at the shrine by live broadcasting (on 31st, 1st and 2nd November) right through 11th November, with the “Hope Novena” facilitated by the shrine chaplains.

Get an invitation message on a daily basis to renew your hope, you only have to enroll underneath.

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The afterlife, what is it all about?

Where about is now my dear deceased who just passed away? The Gospel does not offer an immediate answer, but opens a way, by shedding a light on the greta mystery of life, and thus, of death, and the afterlife.

Rev. Fr. Bertrand Lesoingt is a priest of the Community St. Martin and a professor in theology at the community House of Formation in Evron, France. From 2016 to 2020, he was one the chaplains at the shrine of Montligeon, world center of prayer for the deceased.

Fr. Bertrand Lesoingt will preside the pilgrimage on November 2nd. 2020 in Montligeon.

Fr. Lesoingt’s conference during the 202 edition of the Rosary Pilgrimage in Lourdes, and filmed by Lourdes TV.

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Enroll your loved ones
to the Fraternity of Our Lady of Montligeon

Father Paul Denizot, rector of the shrine of Montligeon

Thus, enrollees benefit from the perpetual Mass celebrated to their intention on a daily basis.

Moreover, the shrine of our Montligeon proposes to enroll, during the November pilgrimages, and throughout the year, living or deceased persons in the spiritual Fraternity of Our Lady of Montligeon.

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Why attend Montligeon Heaven’s Pilgrimages?

Testimony by Marie-Odile, volunteer at the shrine.
Testimony by Fr. Bertrand Lesoingt, chaplain at the shrine.
Pilgrimages poster

of a November Pilgrimage

20:30 – Vigile
(on the night before)
9:00 – Lauds
10:00 – Spiritual Preparation / Confessions
11:00 – Mass 
14:30 – Rosary
15:00 – Tuition
15:45 – Vespers and Salute of the Blessed Sacrament

Download flyers

Download and print the pilgrimages flyers

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Special Bus schedules for pilgrims
from and within France only

Check with Etoile Notre-Dame for their special buses:  +33(0)2 43 30 45 67

Si vous venez de Paris ou de Rennes, vous pouvez profiter des départs en bus des dimanches 8, 15 et 22 novembre avec notre partenaire Etoile Notre-Dame – 45€ depuis Rennes et 35€ depuis Paris – en vous inscrivant directement sur le site :

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Join and/or come with your local constituted group (France only)

Call the shrine and find out about the nearest constituted group of pilgrims to your home coming to Montligeon (France only).

Join a constituted group

Contact Nathalie Blondeau:

You’d rather come on your own but need information?

Reception desk:

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Would you like to make the Fraternity of Montligeon prayer pledge?

What is the Montligeon prayer pledge about?

People who wish so, commit themselves to offer God, prayers and their humble daily life for the sake of all enrollees in the Fraternity of Our Lady of Montligeon, living or deceased. It also means they will see to having Mass celebrated for the faithful departed. Rosary is highly recommended together with the prayer to Our Lady of Montligeon, on a daily basis. Marial devotion should be inspiring their spiritual life. Also, they should attend Mass and receive communion on Sundays and on Marian festivals.

During the Montligeon Heaven’s Pilgrimages, (or at other times elsewhere in the world) members of the spiritual Fraternity of

Nathalie Blondeau

This pledge in the Fraternity of Our Lady of Montligeon is a most beautiful commitment. It epitomizes great charity and a desire of advancing towards holiness. What is required? Only to offer joys and pains of one’s life, throughout one’s life, so that graces and merits obtained be tendered for the sanctification of the souls in Purgatory, through the Communion of Saints.

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Pledges will take place
on 1er, 08, 15 and 22 November 2020

Please contact
Nathalie Blondeau by phone or mail.

Nathalie is also in charge of and the contact person
of the Montligeon Prayer Groups:

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Pilgrimages calendar

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