The Shrine of Montligeon

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Located 93 miles from Paris, in the Diocese of Séez, Normandy,  deep within the gorgeous Perche Natural Park, you will find a unique shrine: that of Our Lady of Montligeon, world center of prayer for the deceased. Every year, thousands of pilgrims come and visit it, seeking comfort and hope for themselves, or to entrust their beloved deceased relations to Our Lady Liberator.

Our Lady of Montligeon is a shrine, and thus, a pilgrimage destination. Erected in the late XIXth century, it was initiated by R.C. Rev. Fr. Paul-Joseph Buguet, a humble parish priest. The Shrine receives countless pilgrims and visitors throughout the year. Discover more about this unique place.

Advocating prayer for the deceased and assisting bereaved people

The Shrine of Montligeon is devoted to praying for the deceased. People come from near and afar to entrust their beloved to Our Lady of Deliverance, and to pray for souls in Purgatory, all initiated by Fr. Buguet’s mere spiritual intuition. In connection with the apostolate for souls in Purgatory, the Shrine developed a ministry of compassion, and counseling for bereaved people.

Supporting humane working conditions for all

The charitable works initiated by Fr. Buguet also present with a social dimension. Moreover, deeply rooted in the RC Church teachings on social issues, especially with regards to working conditions, and professional practices at large, the Shrine of Montligeon seeks to materialize and promote both a humane and Christian approach for all.

An international endeavour

The Shrine charitable works initiated by Fr. Budget reaches far beyond France;  whether in Europe,  Africa, Asia, or America, associates come together in dedicated Montligeon Prayer Groups and unite in praying for the deceased.

Montligeon and the Church

The Shrine of Montligeon is a Roman Catholic Church place of pilgrimage and of worship, administered by the Bishop of Seez Diocese, and ministered by priests of La Communauté St. Martin (St. Martin’s Society), assisted by the Nuns Community of La Nouvelle Alliance (of the New Convenant)

Receiving all

At the Shrine, all are welcomed: committed faithful or people in search, young and elderly people, individuals and constituted groups. At their disposal within the domain: full-comfort lodgings and complete catering facilities, on offer all year round.

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