The Shrine of Our Lady of Montligeon

The shrine of Our Lady of deliverance of the poor souls, also known as Our Lady of Montligeon

The shrine of Our Lady of deliverance of the poor souls: a special place to find peace and consolation

Pilgrims come here to pray and entrust their deceased. It is the sole shrine in the world dedicated to praying for the dead. Set in a bucolic environment, it endeavours to direct one to uncover an essential message: life wins over death, hope over grief.
Welcome to Montligeon!

Montligeon, a shrine
between heaven and earth

Located 93 miles from Paris, in the Diocese of Seez, Normandy (France),  deep in the gorgeous Regional Park of Perche, you will find a unique shrine: that of Our Lady of Montligeon, known as Our Lady of deliverance of the poor souls, and world center of prayer for the deceased. Every year, it hosts thousands of pilgrims and visitors who come on a personal quest to find consolation and hope, or to entrust their beloved deceased to Our Lady of Deliverance.

Guided tour by Fr. Denizot, rector

Montligeon Heaven’s Pilgrimages take place every November from All Saints’ and All Souls’ days, and on the 3 subsequent Sundays.
Visit the shrine of Montligeon
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France Bishops Conference)

A shrine of the Roman Catholic Church

The shrine of Our Lady of Deliverance of the poor souls is a pilgrimage destination and a Roman Catholic shrine. The Bishop of Seez entrusted its spiritual facilitation to priests of the Community of St. Martin (communauté Saint-Martin), assisted by a community of Nuns (the Sisters of the New Covenant ) les sœurs de la Nouvelle Alliance.

Advocating prayer for the dead and assisting bereaved people

Fr. Paul Joseph Buguet (1843-1918), a humble rural parish priest, is the founder of the shrine. His recumbent stone effigy is to be found in a side chapel to the left, at the basilica main entrance.

Fr. Buguet, founder of the world centre of prayer for the poor souls

His legacy endures. At the origin of his charitable works, no miracle or extraordinary spectacle, but an intuition: that of praying for the deceased and in the meantime, maintaining the living – especially by providing them with work. A two-fold intuition, both a legacy and a challenge for us today!

Msgr. Paul Buguet, founder of the shrine of Montligeon

A work reflexion endeavour

The charitable endeavour which Fr. Buguet initiated also encompassed a social aspect. Deeply rooted in the social teaching of the R.C. Church, the shrine of Montligeon seeks to factually promote both a humane and a christian approach to work and professional realities.

A shrine for your parish too

In connection with the apostolate for souls in Purgatory, the shrine developed a ministry of compassion, and counselling for bereaved people.

On avail, throughout the year, several retreats for the bereaved

It offers mourning-related sessions throughout the year. Affording bereaved people a welcomed comforting break, and allow for special counselling, and consolation in the light of Christian hope.

Sr. Cecilia presents the sessions

An international endeavour

The shrine activities reach far beyond France.  Whether in Europe, Africa, Asia, or America, almost everywhere dedicated Montligeon prayer groups meet and pray for the deceased.

Welcoming all

The shrine cordially receives all visitors and pilgrims: whether devoted faithful, or merely seekers, young and old, individuals or constituted groups, all are welcome at the shrine.

Pilgrims will find full-comfort lodgings and complete catering facilities are on offer all year round.

The shrine of Our Lady of Montligeon happily hosts constituted groups seeking to accommodate their retreat. With a total accommodation capacity of 300 beds, catering facilities of 500, the shrine also provides meeting and conference rooms sitting from 20 to 300. The latest rooms are fully equipped and can meet your group and retreats requirements. To come for a stay at the shrine means to not only benefit from a magnificent environment but also to discover its beautiful message of hope and eternal life!

The “Cathedral in the fields”

What an astonishing sight as it suddenly emerges along the road towards Montligeon! Whether plunged into the partial shadows of a winter evening or flooded by summer light, the basilica invariably presents itself as a beacon. It altogether seeks to help pilgrims and visitors find the way back to hope, expresses an invitation to take time and pray, and calls to enter into the world of faith. Erected in record time at the turn of 19th and 20th centuries, the building was somewhat modelled on the cathedral of Sées. Of neo-gothic architecture, the basilica epitomizes Art Deco in its furniture and stained glass windows.

The “Cathedral in the fields”

Entrusting one’s deceased to Our Lady of Deliverance of the Holy Souls

People from all over the world entrust their deceased to the mercy of the Lord by means of the prayer of the shrine of Montligeon. Why don’t you in turn join in this prodigious chain of prayer that rises to heaven? Through the intercession of Our Lady of Deliverance of the Holy Souls, unite and pray for your deceased people and the dead for whom no one prays. See below and find out what is on avail.

Enrolling a deceased for perpetual Mass

The shrine is focused on the celebration of the Eucharist. Mass is offered on a daily basis throughout the year for the members of the spiritual Fraternity of Our Lady of Montligeon. Enrolling someone deceased or alive in Fraternity represents first and foremost faith and trust in the prevailing bonds of love that unite us, even beyond death!

Say “Thank you” or “Sorry” to a deceased person

It is never too late to touch someone’s heart,
even beyond death. It is never too late to say “thank you”, or to ask forgiveness and to
forgive someone who has passed away.
To make this prayer process tangible, the shrine has edited “Thank you” and “Sorry” cards, which are at your disposal (free of charge).
You can also download (or write on a sheet of paper), fill them and send them back to us (by email or postal mail); we will drop them in the dedicated box provided beside the statue of Our Lady Liberator, in the basilica.
Or you may also use the contact form available online

08:00 am Mass at the altar of Our Lady of deliverance of the poor souls, Nov. 1st, 2022 (C)Sanctuaire-Montligeon

For the deceased little ones, walk the path of consolation

For people faced with the loss of the child they conceived but who did not get to live, for whatever reason (ectopic pregnancy, miscarriage, abortion, medically terminated pregnancy, stillborn babies, etc.) is a tragic event. In order to help parents and relatives to enter in the communion of saints, the stations of the Way of Consolation can be a step towards walking the Way of the Resurrection. You are invited to conclude by paying a visit to the chapel dedicated to the little deceased ones in the basilica. You may also enter the names of your little one in the book at your disposal there. You can get the relevant meditation leaflets from the reception desk.

Follow the Way of the Resurrection

At the bottom of the main courtyard, a set of statues are calling one’s attention. They epitomize the Risen Christ in His various apparitions. The Way of the Resurrection is modelled on the stations of the Cross. Station after station, one follows Christ Jesus, from the empty tomb to the pinnacle of faith and commitment.
Do not hesitate to ask for the meditation booklet at the reception desk.

Pray the special prayer dedicated to Our Lady of Deliverance of the poor souls

The Buguet Worshops

In 1888, Fr. Buguet, anxious to provide work to his parishioners, initiated a small printing activity leading to the the printing press of Montligeon. Nowadays, the huge industrial wasteland (left after the printing press shut down) is home to a bold and innovative project called “the Buguet Workshops”. Buguet Workshops bring craftsmen and entrepreneurs together in a spirit of mutual solidarity. Promoting the pooling of each entrepreneur’s skills, ideas and equipment, this collective of craftsmen aims to contribute to the development and sustainability of employment; moreover, it aims to develop employment, and promote humane and ecological working conditions, together with supporting craftsmen and entrepreneurs to start up or to retrain by pooling certain resources. Come and discover their work, their know-how and their projects. The Ateliers Buguet are also intended to become a place of exchange and reflexion on the topic of work.