Montligeon Prayer Groups

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Amounting to1272, spread across 32 countries, Montligeon Prayer Groups (MGPs) are like extensions of the shrine. Tangible signs of the spiritual Fraternity of Our Lady of Montligeon, they are called to become true schools of hope. Find out where MGPs locate worldwide, maybe you’ll discover one close by. If not, we can help you start one.

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3 essentials: prayer, training, charitable endeavours


Prayer groups affiliated to Our Lady of Montligeon Fraternity meet on a regular basis, – either weekly or monthly – and pray for souls in union with the shrine’s mission. Praying the Rosary of Our Lady of Montligeon is at the core of their meetings. At their disposal, special meditations provided by the Montligeon shrine.


Members of associated MGPs are invited to develop their faith knowledge, especially with regards to eternal life. Purposely organized training sessions are on offer at the shrine, or by means of the shrine chaplains’ “Montligeon Missions” organized at national or international level.

Charitable endeavours

Members of the Montligeon Prayer Groups are often engaged in additional substantial charitable undertakings, such as joining in their parish funeral teams, or volunteering at their local hospital, home for the elderly, etc.

What role do the Montligeon prayer Groups play?

Rev. Fr. Don Martin Viviès answers Guillaume Desanges for RCF Calvados-Manche

Our Lady of Montligeon Prayer Groups Guides to download

“Praying and engaging others to pray for the deceased.”
Such was the purpose of the spiritual Oeuvre of Montligeon as initiated by its founder, Msgr. Buguet in 1884. Embedded in parishes and chaplaincies throughout the world, Montligeon Prayer Groups (MPGs) realize Our Lady of Montligeon Fraternity for the souls in purgatory, especially the most neglected. Find out more on how to form one.

Praying for my deceased beloved

France-Aimée, in charge of a MPG, explains

Forming a Montligeon prayer Group

Forming a Montligeon Prayer Group

“Praying and engaging people to pray for the deceased.” Such was the Oeuvre of Montligeon ‘s purpose as devoted by its founder, Msgr. Paul Buguet, in 1884.

Embedded in their parish, the Montligeon Prayer Groups diffused throughout the world. They locally fulfill the prayer of the Fraternity of Montligeon in favor of the souls in purgatory, especially the most neglected.


Presentation of the prayer groups
of Our Lady of Montligeon

With this leaflet you will learn more about the Fraternity of Our Lady of Montligeon, association of lay people, erected by Pope Leo XIII as Arch-Confraternity. Its purpose: praying for the Holy Souls, especially the most neglected. Now present throughout the world, it engages its associate members to pray and engage others to pray for the deceased, as well as for the people recommended to the Fraternity.

Discover a few Montligeon Prayer Groups (1272 worldwide)

MPGs in Africa

Visit to the Fraternity of Montligeon in the Democratic republic of Congo
(Feb.24 – March 8, 2022)

Visits to Msgr Fridolin Cardinal Ambongo, Archbishop of Kinshasa
“We exchanged about the Fraternity of Montligeon and on its ministry of prayer for the deceased”, explained Fr. Paul Denizot, “in addition to its message of Christian hope and of service to Kinshasa, in Congo as well as worldwide. His Excellency encouraged us with benevolence to have the Montligeon Work be known throughout his diocese.”

Montligeon RDC
from left to right: Rev. Fr. Nazaire Mabanza (in charge of the Montligeon Secretariat of French-speaking Africa), Fr. don Paul Denizot (rector of the shrine of Montligeon), Cardinal Fridolin Ambongo (Archbishop of Kinshasa), Fr. Jean-Paul Kele (Montligeon Fraternity Chaplain for Kinshasa) Fr. don Guillaume d’Anselme (Chaplain of the shrine of Montligeon)

Meet Fr. Jean-Paul Kele

Fr. Jean-Paul Kele (Montligeon Fraternity Chaplain for Kinshasa) interviewed by Fr. Paul Denizot.

Sabin Misakabu’s & Raphael Kongolo’s reporting on “Montligeon delegation” visit

2022-03-05 Arrival in the diocese of Mbuji-Mayi
2022-03-06- Day 2, in the diocese of Mbuji Mayi
Miba: St Mary’s parish youth delegation welcome
Prayer vigil at St Achillus’ parish in Mbuji Mayi.
Visit to the Marian shrine of Bena Kalongo
Fr. Paul Denizot, explains “In Africa, the Fraternity : unity in the diversity, a Church with a thousand faces.”
Avec Monseigneur Léonard KASANDA, évéque émérite du diocèse de Luiza (RDC)

With Msgr. Bernard Emmanuel Kasanda, Bishop of Mbuji May

The spiritual Fraternity of Our Lady of Montligeon Prayer Group in Brazil

Facilitators: Renata BRAGA
and Fr. Edenilson PINTO

groupe de prière de la Fraternité Notre Dame de Montligeon au Brésil
Our Lady of Montligeon Prayer Group in Brazil

Presentation of Rev. Father Pinto

Rev. Fr. Edenilson Roberto Pinto introduces the first Fraternity of Our Lady of Montligeon Prayer Group in Brazil

In 2019, the Montligeon Prayer Group was initiated at the parish of Santa Lucia, in Promissao, to pray the Rosary for the dead. Facilitated by Fr. Edenilson PINTO and Ms. Renata BRAGA, it meets every 2nd Wednesday of the month at 18:30, it is followed by Holy Mass at 19:30.

MPG in Guatemala

L’attribut alt de cette image est vide, son nom de fichier est csanctuaire-montligeon-sanctuaire-notre-dame-de-montligeon-whatsapp-image-2022-03-07-at-051626.jpg.
Fr. don Louis de Berny met by children from the parish

Fr. don Louis de Berny visiting the new Montligeon prayer Groups in Guatemala

L’attribut alt de cette image est vide, son nom de fichier est csanctuaire-montligeon-sanctuaire-notre-dame-de-montligeon-whatsapp-image-2022-03-07-at-051559.jpg.

Pan de Azucar: the new Montligeon Prayer Group in Uruguay.

The MPG meets on Sundays , 09:00 am, at Our Lady of Sorrows Church, and is facilitated by Fr. Jose Luis PONTE, the parish priest

 groupe de prière en Uruguay à PAN DE AZUCAR tous les dimanches à 9h00 à l'église Notre Dame des douleurs animé par le Père Jose Luis PONTE.
June 2021: the prayer group of Our Lady of Montligeon in Uruguay

The MPG in St. Joseph, Reunion Island:

Groupe de prière Notre-Dame de Montilgeon à saint Joseph, ile de la Réunion. Tous le groupe est présent sur la photo. Avec notre curé du paroisse Qui tient le tableau. La responsable du Groupes de prière Marie Armande Grondin

The latest Montligeon Prayer Group in France

Facilitated by Ms. Marie Geneviève LE GAL

This group has been meeting since 2017 in Butor district, on the premises of the Holy Family parish church. Facilitated by Ms. Marie Armande GRONDIN, it comes together every fourth Thursday of the month, at 4 pm, and is followed at 5 pm by the celebration of Mass for the Holy Souls.

It meets every last Thursday of the month, at 17:45, prior to the Holy Mass at 18:30 at St. Teresa’s Church in TREMBLAYE EN FRANCE (93290)

Holy Mass following the Fraternity of Our Lady of Montligeon Prayer Group meeting

MPG group in Le Puy-en-Velay, France

Groupe de prière Saint Joseph. Le Puy-en-Velay Animé par Guy Carmine et Christine Guichard
03/2021. The prayer group for the Souls in Purgatory meets in the crypt of St Joseph’s shrine in Le Puy-en-Velay, France

On the third Friday of the month, this MPG meets at 3 pm to pray for the souls in purgatory ever since 2016; their meeting takes place in the crypt of the splendid shrine of St Joseph’s in famous Puy-en-Velay, France.

United but not uniformed

Locally embedded

Based on these essential common grounds, MGPs develop as they wish according to their cultural and social environment, responding to the needs and expectations of their fellow citizens. They always seek to take into account the different kinds of people composing the prayer group and thus, adapting accordingly, to include – and be grasped by – all present (youngsters, the elderly, the handicapped, etc).

MPGs get established within a parish public hall. They might as well meet in hospitals, homes for the elderly, and even in schools. However, it is compulsory to get appropriate official consent, that of the parish priest, and of civil authorities in charge when using public structures, not forgetting to let the shrine know.

Valued multiplicity!

The Fraternity of Our Lady of Montligeon is an international prayer soladity. Its numerous prayer groups are most varied in size and kind. For example, some choose to specifically pray for the souls of deceased prisoners and for people who have committed suicide, others lead a weekly Rosary prayer for departed souls, on a local Catholic radio network, etc.

To initiate a Montligeon Prayer Group

Find out more about initiating a MPG for the relief of souls. We’ll be glad to help and support you with it.


[email protected]

Make your pledge to pray for souls

Come to the November Heaven’s Pilgrimages in Montligeon and share in the intense experience praying for the deceased… In addition, if you happen to visit the shrine, you could join the Oath Ceremony for people who pledge to pray for the deliverance of souls in Purgatory. Enquire further at [email protected]

November Pilgrimages

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