Data Protection Policy

The Shrine of Montligeon confers much importance to the respect of privacy and personal life. In compliance and application with the latest update on the (French) General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), we came to review the whole of our data processing process.

Thus, the Sanctuary commits itself to its different obligations towards you:

Transparency and reliability

As soon as we collect your personal data, we inform you of the conditions under which we will process it. This information is available either directly on the collecting form or on this web page;

Processing is based on a legal and lawful basis (cf.article 6 of the RGPD);

We commit ourselves not to step away from the initial purposes of personal data processing, without first obtaining your consent;

We only collect data that is truly essential to the processing;

We will not store your personal data beyond the time required by processing purposes. Certain legal obligations compel us to store it in intermediate archives for a specific time. Upon processing or legal obligations completion, your data will either be deleted or entrusted to the private archives of the shrine. They will then be processed only for historical or scientific research or for statistical purposes;

By notifying the CNIL of any data breaches of which we are aware. Should these violations be likely to generate high risks for your rights and liberty, we would undertake to inform you directly;

By communicating your data to our partners if and only after receiving your consent. Our partners are organizations that share values as that of the shrine: they usually are Catholic religious organizations that cannot survive without financial support.

Personal data security

We implement organizational and technical measures so as to ensure your data confidentiality, together with their integrity and availability;

We impress our service providers with binding instructions so that they may guarantee protection of the data they process on our behalf;

When your data is transferred outside of U.E., we verify suitability of the service providers or the recipients of your data;

Respect of your rights

By committing ourselves to diligently handling your requests;

By responding favorably to your requests with regards to access, rectification and deletion of your data; temporarily suspension of your personal data processing in the event of an argument (limitation of data processing); opposition to any processing, based on legitimate concern when your interests, rights and freedoms prevail over that of the Shrine, or opposition to soliciting; request for probability of your data when the processing is based on your consent, or on a contractual link, and your data processed by means of automated procedures.

In addition, to reinforce these commitments, the Association Notre-Dame de Montligeon has appointed a Data Protection Officer (DPO), to comply with the European Data Protection Regulation. The charge has been entrusted to Mr Christophe GRASSIN of Normandy DPO ( –

Access to personal data for enrollees of the Fraternity of Montligeon

Privacy policy prohibits us from freely communicating personal details of enrollees. Only people who committed enrollments can access the list of people they have enrolled, by means of addressing a written request to the Notre-Dame Association of Montligeon 26, rue Principale 61400 LA CHAPELLE-MONTLIGEON – France (communication @ montligeon. org), together with a full copy of their ID.

To implement your rights

To implement your rights pertaining to the processing of your personal data by the shrine of Oour Lady of Montligeon, please contact us and systematically mention your contact details (first name, name, postal and email addresses, together with your telephone so as to allow us to check your identity):

by direct email:

to the DPO:

By postal (enclosing a full copy of your ID) to: Association Notre-Dame de Montligeon 26, rue Principale 61400 LA CHAPELLE-MONTLIGEON, FRANCE.

Legal information about our processing your personal date

Your data are collected and processed by the Association Notre-Dame de Montligeon ( under the authority of the data protection officer (dpo): Normandie DPO (

You may access your personal data or request their deletion. You also have the right to object, rectify, portability and a right to limit your personal data processing. You can also file a complaint with the CNIL (

Enrolling in the Montligeon Fraternity, Mass offerings, subscription to the shrine magazine, and generating a personal account on our website

Your data is collected and processed  for the purpose of managing users membership/enrollment and petitions to the Montligeon Fraternity, offerings, subscription to its magazine, and personal account part on website. Such handling is lawfully based on the contractual correlation (cf.article #6.1.b of the RGPD). Data may also be used for fund-raising purposes. The later processing is lawfully based on the shrine legitimate concern to provide to its own resources (cf. article # 6.1.f of the RGPD). Addressees of the collected data are exclusively authorized personnel, in charge of collecting donations, Masses offerings, registrations to the Fraternity, members of the shrine Public Relations Dept., and our partners: the publisher, the website host, our bank, and our magazine rooter. our partner in charge of the expedition of the journal. Your requests are stored for 5 years from date of processing, or of completion of your subscription. Your ID and contact details are stored for 10 years in our donors database from your last known interaction with the Shrine. Recording your data is required in order to take your request into account.


During each of your visits to our sites and applications, we collect information about your connection and your navigation. Different technologies can be implemented to collect this data, essentially by means of cookies.

Data collected by cookies

A cookie is a text file posted whenever you visit an online website, application, advertisement; it gets stored in a specific area on your computer or mobile device’s hard drive. Your Internet browser manages cookies. Only the transmitter of a cookie can decide to read or modify the information contained therein. A cookie is valid only for a certain period. Its presence on your terminal is in compliance with the relevant legislation, and limited by the choices you stated and which you can change at any time. Cookies do not identify you personally. 

It allows its transmitter to recognize your terminal and collect a certain amount of information relating to the navigation carried out from this terminal.
For further information on cookies, check the following websites:

Cookies deposited by the Association Notre-Dame de Montligeon (via Google Analytics), and subjected to your choices, give us access to the following information:
• Identifiers of the equipment you use (IP address of your computer, Android ID, Apple ID, etc.),
• Type of operating system used by your device (Microsoft Windows, Apple OS, Linux, Unix, BeOS, etc.),
• Type and version of the browser software used by your device (Microsoft Internet Explorer, Apple Safari, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, etc.),
• Connecting dates and times to our services,
• Address of the initial Internet page (“referrer”),
• Navigation data on our services, content viewed.

Data collected by standard Internet technologies

Furthermore, we are likely to use standard Internet technologies, such as scripts, pixels, and redirects.
The aim of such technologies is to improve your experience on our sites and applications, including that of providing you with a more personalized content based on your interests. For example, when a user clicks on an article share-button, a script creates a pixel quantifying the total amount of shares. Thus, we are informed of the highest-ranking shared articles. Such technologies enable us to access information:

• about your navigation on our websites and applications;
• about the presence of cookies on your device, time and date of consultation of a page, and a description of the page underpinned by a web beacon;
• about you reading, or not, of our emails, on the clicks you generate on the suggested links;

In addition, our sites and applications may include scripts, pixels and third-party redirects. These technologies allow third-party service providers to collect information as your browser type, and the web page that has redirected you to our websites. These third-party service providers treat the information hence collected for auditing, research, and reporting purposes on viewing of our sites, apps and advertisements. We do not share any of your identification data with these third parties in this context.