Suggested offerings

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The Shrine endeavours to receive people seeking respite to come and stay, and not be hindered by financial aspects. Yet every guest is invited to make a donation to help towards their sojourn expenses.  

Our financial contribution policy

Alike monasteries, shrines offer hospitality. They endeavour to meet people’s spiritual needs and quest. In offering full catering amenities and accommodation, the Shrine of Our Lady of Montligeon strives to  receive in the most appropriate manner hosts on spiritual respite, or seeking a meaning to their life, or to simply “do good” to their soul. The financial aspect must not prevent anyone from coming. You will find herewith suggestions for offerings that will help us meet our expenses.  Priests, monks or nuns, as well as large families,  students or unemployed people,  contribute according to their means. We also remind you that partaking in domestic tasks is encouraged (cleaning your room, table clearing after meals, or cleaning your self-catering cottage before you leave, etc.).

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