Retreats and pilgrimages at Our Lady of deliverance of the poor souls’ shrine, Montligeon

The shrine of Our Lady of deliverance of the poor souls, world center of prayer for the deceased, is located in Montligeon, Normandy, France. It offers over 50 retreats and pilgrimages a year. As many occasions to step away from the usual hussle-bussle of one’s live,  privilege time and meditation by oneself or with other retreatants, and elevate one’s spirit towards God.

Affording a slow pace, relishing the present out of daily chores and charges, reconnecting altogether with oneself, nature, folks and God. Why not visit and stay at the shrine? Nestled in bucolic countryside in Normandy, surrounded by the grand Reno forest, the shrine is a refuge, home for peace and devotion. For individuals or groups, for a weekend or a few days, the shrine offers a wide range of options for pilgrims on an individual sojourn, as much as for constituted groups, visiting for a week-end or a few days.

The shrine of Montligeon locates in Orne region, in rural Normandy, France. Ever since 1884, its vocation has been to pray for the dead, proclaim Christian hope and welcome people for spiritual retreats, sessions or pilgrimages.

It offers a large array of spiritual activities, for groups, and couples, families, or individuals, whether or not bereaved, and provide various sessions dedicated to supporting working parents, (breaks for mums, spiritual vacation for families with young children, etc.) See below for more.

Sessions for the bereaved

Sessions deuil au sanctuaire de Montligeon
You mourn the loss of a loved one? Your grief seems to last for ever? Votre deuil qui n’en finit pas? Are you overwhelmed with grief when you happen to think of your demised loved ones? Can you not let go of them? Week-end and/or week-long comforting sessions are available all year round at the shrine.

Heaven’s pilgrimages

Pèlerinages du Ciel à Montligeon
Every year, the Church dedicates the month of November to praying for the dead. Whether your bereavement is recent or long-standing, come to the shrine and experience the great opportunity to entrust your loved ones to Our Lady of the Poor Souls, in Montligeon, world shrine of prayer for the dead. Five pilgrimages are set up in November whereby you can find consolation, hope and peace, together with meeting others who also undergo grief, and comfort one another.

Montligeon Sessions for couples

Retraite couples au sanctuaire Notre-Dame de Montligeon

The couple goes through seasons that reason does not know. Hearts often beat in unison, but at times they can play it cool. Alike a valuable object requiring special attention, a couple needs to be nurtured. The shrine Married couples are offered to take a break at the shrine, and rediscover the source and driving force of love.

Sessions for families

Session familles au sanctuaire Notre-Dame deMontligeon

How about a vacation in Montligeon? Volunteers will take care of children, while parents enjoy time for their couple, as well as have plenty of time for socialising and also partake in tuitions. Naturally families will encounter one another and make new friends. Enjoy a spiritually rejuvenating vacation in the countryside.

Meaning of work retreats

Week-end sens du travail à Montligeon

At times, my work leaves me unfulfilled, and I no longer have any taste or drive for what I need to do. I can no longer adjust my family life and my personal life to my professional life. Meaning of work retreats in Montligeon help us to take stock of our innermost expectations and to come away with new leads.

Mom’s break retreats


Have a break, take time off during a child-free weekend (to be negotiated with dad!) to breathe, pray and share. It’s vital!