The shrine that does good to souls

At Montligeon, we pray and encourage prayer for the deceased.

News of the shrine

Les fantômes existent-ils ?

Are ghosts real?

Slamming doors, noisy shuffles, familars and other unexplained presence… the stories testifying of those strange, blood-curdling phenomena are countless. Are ghosts real? We asked don Paul Denizot, for the radio program RCF Sanctuaires normands.

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Que faire quand la souffrance dure ?
Catholic Radio

Four key tips to overcoming a long-lasting ordeal

It’s possible to get through an ordeal. But what can you do when it takes hold: a long-term illness, bereavement, disability, a family rift? Interviewed for RCF Sanctuaires normands, Father Charles Lenoir, who has himself experienced burn-out, gives us 4 keys to overcoming the ordeal that lasts.

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A loved one is dying

A loved one is dying and I can’t be at his (her) bedside… Such a situation causes distress. However, Christian faith offers much hope. We

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After death

What awaits us after death? Hell, purgatory, heaven? Here are three teachings given for All Saints’ Day 2023 by don Paul Denizot, rector of the

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