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Download and print presentation booklets or specific meditations and prayers of the shrine, such as “Praying with Montligeon”.

Let us unite in prayer, especially for the deceased, the sick, the dying and their families, for the medical and health care personnel, and for people undergoing trying situations…

On the Agenda

Download our year programme of activities under PDF. It has been designed to be home-printer friendly. (Please kindly note: our events are solely in French presently, but we happily support and receive retreats with their English-speaking facilitators, please enquire within!)

6 options for a plenary indulgence

Pope Francis invites all this year to find inspiration in Saint Joseph towards strengthening their faith, and accepting the will of God. To help us, the Church offers to receive plenary indulgence, that can be obtained by fulfilling the usual conditions, i.e. sacramental confession, eucharistic communion and praying to the intentions of the Holy Father. And by sizing the 6 occasions proposed by the Apostolic Penitentiary.

6 options for a plenary indulgence
6 options for a plenary indulgence
Montligeon Fraternity Enrol your dear ones in, or recommend them to, the Fraternity of Our Lady of ontligeon

Download the Fraternity paper enrollment form: print, fill and return it by postal mail.

You may download, print and fill it in, and forward it to the following postal mail address:

Sanctuaire Notre-Dame de Montligeon, 26, rue Principale.
CS 40011 – 61400 La Chapelle-Montligeon – FRANCE

Information leaflets

Download a brief chronicle on Fr. Buguet, founder of the shrine of Montligeon.

Reverend Father Paul Buguet’s chronicle Instigator of a worldwide spiritual Fraternity - Founder of the shrine of Montligeon
About the founder of the shrine of Montligeon: A brief encounter with the instigator of a worldwide spiritual Fraternity

Download the leaflet about the shrine of Our Lady of Montligeon, world centre of prayer for the deceased.

The shrine of Our Lady of Montligeon
The shrine of Our Lady of Montligeon

Praying for a deceased beloved

Whether at home, or in a church, outside or even in the underground… I can pray everywhere. In the innermost of my heart. Here are a few propositions.

How can I help my deceased one, how to go about my state of bereavement? I may not know how to pray, I might not even believe in God. Yet, I can always cry out to Him, I might say: “God, if you exists, have mercy on my beloved who passed away!” …


He or she has passed away,
leaving me in grief and
solitude, incomprehension
and perhaps even in anger.
How can I be of help to him or
her? What can I do to help
myself and step forward in my

Praying with Montligeon, when faced with bereavement or in mourning

Join the sanctuary prayer while remaining at home or when experiencing lockdown

To help you accompany a loved one dying without the opportunity of your being present, or to support you through with experiencing bereavement and having to remain away from the funerals, the shrine of Montligeon proposes two booklets of prayers, for private individual, or family use.

A loved one passed away
A loved one passed away

He, she, has returned to the Father’s abode and I was not at his or her side. Naturally, dying is always solitary passage. Yet I would have liked to have been with him, or her, all the way through, and to have been able to tell him, or her, “You are loved, go in peace, you may leave now.” Although we live in a hyper-connected world, we still experience that physical proximity is matchless. Today, being lock downed at home, isolation weights me down ever more. Amidst this very state of solitude, I am invited to unveil a presence, that of the resurrected Lord Jesus Christ, and moreover, that of the communion of saints, of all Souls, as well as that of the deceased for whom I wish to pray presently. 

A loved one is dying
A loved one is dying

No more alternative: my father, my mother, a friend of mine, someone I love is about to pass away. I yearn to go and be at his, her, side. 

Present restrictions due to the pandemic add to the painful perspective of his or her, imminent death, and to the torture of being unable to get to him or her, before he or she, departs. 

How do I long to hold his or her hand, exchange loving words, and extend or receive forgiveness. I am being denied all of these basic humane gestures. 

Yet, in such a painful circumstance, I can nevertheless offer my grief, my prayers, and my keeping watch for the one who is about to remit his or her life into the hands of God. In faith, I remain confident that I can still do something for his or her, and that my prayers will truly bear fruit.

Praying with Montligeon,
the way of the Cross,
or the way of the Resurrection

Please note that during Lent, unite in prayer with the shrine and the associated Montligeon prayer groups in praying the Way of the Cross of Our Lady of Montligeon, every Friday at 3.00 pm (15:00 GMT).

Contemplating Christ’s Passion

The Way of the Cross is an invitation to join and follow Christ in prayer in His life’s ultimate stages. Each station calls to share in Christ’s sufferings until His final agony and surrender into the Father’s hands. By contemplating the One who loved us so steers us little by little to conversion. Pray for departed brothers and sisters too so that the merits of Christ’s Passion may lead them to Heavens beatitude.

The Way of the Resurrection
Meditating on the resurrection of Christ at the shrine of Christian Hope

The Way of the Resurrection was inspired by the Way of the Cross. Station after station, it proposes to follow Christ in His resurrection and His apparitions. It seeks to help us open up to hope, for ourselves and for our beloved deceased. We can walk the path of inner healing.

Praying with Montligeon for unborn children, a path of consolation 

This prayer course is a meditation by the Montligeon shrine in partnership with “Mère de Miséricorde” (Mother of Mercy) French Pro-Life Association. You might want to download it and meditate on it at home in prayer union with the Fraternity of Our Lady of Montligeon. For information on national help-lines please refer to your own country contacts.

The Way of Consolation addresses people faced with the loss of the child they conceived and who did not get to live, whatever the reasons may be (ectopic pregnancy, miscarriage, abortion, medically terminated pregnancy, still born babies, etc.)
The Way of Consolation

The Way of Consolation addresses people faced with the loss of the child they conceived and who did not get to live, whatever the reasons may be (ectopic pregnancy, miscarriage, abortion, medically terminated pregnancy, still born babies, etc.) . It seeks to help parents and relatives to open up to Divine Mercy so as to receive inner peace, healing and solace from the love of Jesus, the Redeemer.

The “Thank you/Sorry” card

Writing a postcard to a deceased person? Yes you can! Use our “Thank you/Sorry card”

At the shrine of Montligeon, writing a postcard to a deceased one is a simple procedure. You merely have to take a “Thank You/Sorry” card, fill it in and drop it (or have it dropped) in the “petition box” located beneath the statue of Our Lady of Deliverance, in the Montligeon Basilica. Then pray to Our Lord, through Mary’s intercession, to let your deceased know of your gratitude, or of your request for forgiveness. You can also download and print the card, and send it to the shrine, at your convenience, by postal or electronic mail. It will be thus entrusted by our personnel.

Relying on Pope Benedict XVI second encyclical letter entitled Spe Salvi (In hope we are saved), Don Paul Denizot stresses that we can do good to our deceased, even after death (read more hereafter)…

The Litany of our Lady of Montligeon

About the daily prayers at the shrine

Perpetual Mass for the living and the deceased entrusted to the Fraternity is celebrated every day

Throughout the year, on weekdays, the Eucharist is celebrated at the shrine at 8 a.m. and 11:30 a.m. (one Mass at11 a.m. on Sundays)

Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament from 2 p.m. to 6 p.m. (at the basilica high altar).

The Basilica is open every day from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. (pandemic health safety regulations thoroughly applied )

Your petitions are entrusted to the intercession of Our Lady of Montligeon and that of the Holy Souls. At the shrine, we specifically pray for the deceased, the sick, the dying, their families, as well as for the healthcare personnel and caregivers, and people undergoing difficult times due to the pandemic.

Notre-Dame de Montligeon, the "Cathedral in the fields"
(C)Notre-Dame-de-Montligeon – the “Cathedral in the fields”
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