Donate and support the shrine of Montligeon

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All donations, whether specifically offered for the restauration of the basilica or in support of the shrine running costs, are tax-deductible in France. Here is how you might wish to support us with:

The shrine mission

When you donate towards the shrine charges, you help support its various ministries pertaining to receiving pilgrims and spiritual counseling. Every year, the shrine usually accommodates thousands of visitors, mails, and telephone calls.

Through the Diocesean Association of Seez.

For people paying tax in France, check the following:

* ligne 7UF
Aide pour votre déclaration :

Don Paul Denizot recteur du sanctuaire

Thank you ever so much!

Help us restore the basilica

The basilica is in need of restoration so as to continue to fulfill its pilgrimage and daily prayer purposes in good conditions.

For the Basilica
For individuals


Donate through the purposely created Association de sauvegarde de la basilique de Montligeon.

For people paying
France wealth tax


Through the national Fondation du patrimoine, mark “IFI” (wealth tax). Find out more on the French wealth tax: click here below.)

En savoir plus sur le don IFI

For business firms
paying tax in France :


Through the national Fondation du patrimoine, mark “impôt sur le sociétés” (Business Tax).

Keys figures
Keys figures

Sunday Mass collection by smartphone available !

Once the app downloaded, set your “La Quête” account up and follow the steps:

  • Register
  • Provide your banking details
  • Choose a parish, a shrine etc.,
  • Donate for mass collection and enter amount

Two clicks for one donation

La quête sur smartphone à Notre-Dame de Montligeon
Mass collection by smartphone for Notre-Dame de Montligeon:
Sanctuaire de Motligeon, la cathédrale dans les champs
The shrine of Our Lady of Montligeon, the “cathedral in the fields”

We are most grateful for any amount whatsoever; be sure that your donation is essential!


Association Notre-Dame de Montligeon

Vincent Arreckx
Tél : 0033 2 33 85 17 00
E-mail :

Postal mail:
26, rue Principale – CS40011
61400 La Chapelle-Montligeon

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