Cardinal Ambongo : "Au delà de la mort, il y a la résurrection"
“Beyond death, resurrection” by Cardinal Ambongo

The Archbishop of Kinshasa, Fridolin Cardinal Ambongo, was interviewed by Radio Maria Congo on 12 November 2023. For him, the shrine of Montligeon epitomizes the place where to be in communion with our brothers and sisters who have entered into the great mystery of death.

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Damien Le Guay, philosophe, est vice-président du Comité national d'éthique du funéraire
A space to take mourning into account, interview of Damien Le Guay

Damien Le Guay stresses the importance of experiencing bereavement as a spiritual experience that encompasses both the religious and the psychic. He advocates for opening up spaces in society so that the psychic reality of bereavement can be fully acknowledged.

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The Four Last Things from a Catholic perspective

We only but just celebrated All Saints Day on 1st November, followed by All Souls Day on 2nd November. A great opportunity to revisit fundamentals of our faith in eternal life

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Toussaint et Jour des morts, don Paul Denizot
What difference between All Saints’ Day and All Souls’ Day?

Nowadays the feast of All Saints’ Day often get mixed up with the Day of the Dead. What is the difference? What is the meaning of All Saints’ Day? Why a Day of the Dead? Explinations by Rev. Fr. Paul Denizot.

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