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How long shall we spend in purgatory?

Combien de temps va-t-on passer au purgatoire ?
Since purgatory is a preparatory stage to paradise, it would seem that we spend a certain amount of time there. But the most pressing question is: how much?

Purgatory is not hell

Le purgatoire n'est pas l'enfer
Purgatory is not hell. It is the antechamber to paradise, and is both justice and mercy.

How can we overcome the death of a friend?

Perdre un ami
Mourning a family member is commonly accepted. This is much less the case when it's a friend. What is the nature of this penalty? Don Thomas Lapenne's answer on RCF's Sanctuaires normands program.

Are ghosts real?

Les fantômes existent-ils ?
Slamming doors, noisy shuffles, familars and other unexplained presence... the stories testifying of those strange, blood-curdling phenomena are countless. Are ghosts real? We asked don Paul Denizot, for the radio program RCF Sanctuaires normands.

Four key tips to overcoming a long-lasting ordeal

Que faire quand la souffrance dure ?
It's possible to get through an ordeal. But what can you do when it takes hold: a long-term illness, bereavement, disability, a family rift? Interviewed for RCF Sanctuaires normands, Father Charles Lenoir, who has himself experienced burn-out, gives us 4 keys to overcoming the ordeal that lasts.

“Beyond death, resurrection” by Cardinal Ambongo

Cardinal Ambongo : "Au delà de la mort, il y a la résurrection"
The Archbishop of Kinshasa, Fridolin Cardinal Ambongo, was interviewed by Radio Maria Congo on 12 November 2023. For him, the shrine of Montligeon epitomizes the place where to be in communion with our brothers and sisters who have entered into the great mystery of death.

Can on go to Heaven without being baptised?

Peut-on aller au ciel sans baptême
« En dehors de l'Église, point de salut ». Cet adage apparaît pour beaucoup, en cette première moitié du XXIᵉ siècle, comme légèrement étroit d'esprit. Pour poser la question autrement : peut-on aller au ciel sans baptême ?

Can we expect to encounter our loved ones after we die?

Au ciel, revoir ceux que nous avons aimés ?
Christians believe in the resurrection of the body and in life everlasting. Indeed, the deceased are well alive in heaven. Faced with death, one might doubt such a reality, especially so as most often demise is experienced as a breach in relationships. In such a context, after we die, will we see our loved ones?