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Purgatory is a place of healing

Don Paul Denizot, le Purgatoire dans tous ses états.
Purgatory is often frightening. Yet in the Catholic tradition, it is above all a place of healing and purification. The sanctuary at Montligeon, dedicated to praying for the dead, offers a chance to rediscover this.

Let’s not wait for purgatory to love!

N'attendons pas le purgatoire pour aimer
What happens at the moment of death? Accordint to the Church, judgment takes place when the soul separates from the body. This encourages us to learn to love and forgive right now.

Can we forgive the unforgivable?

Peut-on pardonner l'impardonnable ?
Melanie's life was ruined by narcissistic perverts. She wrote to the Shrine to express her incomprehension and inability to forgive. Here is her letter, along with Don Paul Denizot's answer. The fundamental question being: Can we forgive the unforgivable?

How long shall we spend in purgatory?

Combien de temps va-t-on passer au purgatoire ?
Since purgatory is a preparatory stage to paradise, it would seem that we spend a certain amount of time there. But the most pressing question is: how much?

Suffering at the end of life

La souffrance en fin de vie

We’re all afraid of suffering, and that’s normal. What about suffering at the end of life? What kind of suffering are we talking about? What about assisted suicide? Analysis by don Paul Denizot for the Sanctuaires normands program on RCF.…

Purgatory is not hell

Le purgatoire n'est pas l'enfer
Purgatory is not hell. It is the antechamber to paradise, and is both justice and mercy.