Donations or enrollment offerings with Paypal

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You can use this form to make a donation to the shrine or to pay a registration for the perpetual mass of the Fraternity of Montligeon.

To make a donation, click directly on “Donate button”.

If you want to recommend someone to
the Montligeon spiritual Living Fraternity,
please follow the instructions below :

First, use the form below to indicate the first name, the last name and specify if this person is alive or deceased.

    Second, use the donate button to make a donation for the Perpetual Mass and Montligeon Prayer Fraternity $40 USD/person (Suggested Offering)

    Living or deceased people enrolled in the Fraternity of Our lady of Montligeon benefit from both the perpetual Mass celebrated since 1884 and prayers, conveyed on a daily basis at the shrine and in several countries by means of its associates.

    Data collected here is intended for the Sanctuary communication service in order to deal with your comments on the site. Learn more about managing your data and your rights, click here:
    Your data is collected and processed by the Association Notre-Dame de Montligeon [email protected] under the control of its data protection officer(dpo) : Normandie DPO ([email protected]). data is collected in view of meeting your comments on our This processing is legally based on the contractual relationship (art. 6.1.b of the GDPR). Your data may also be used for our fund-raising scheme. This is legally based on the legitimate need of the sanctuary to be able find its own resources (art. 6.1.f of the GDPR). The recipients of the data are the authorized personnel in charge of the shrine communication, the information system, and of the fund-raising, plus, when applicable, other contributing services of the Sanctuary and our partners, the publisher and the host of the site. Your data is kept for 5 years from the processing of your request. You can access your data and may request its deletion. You also have a right of opposition, rectification, portability and a right to limit the processing of your data. You can also send a complaint to the CNIL. Entering your data is necessary for your request to be properly taken into account.

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