Christ is risen!

9 April 2023

Triduum Pascal 2023
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Dear friends of the prayer groups of the Fraternity, dear friends of the shrine of Our Lady of Montligeon,

Christ is risen! The feast of Easter is tangible. Over 2000 years ago, Christ Jesus rose, overcoming death and pain, he defeated evil and thus gave us access to a new type of life. A life whereby love seizes us and thus opens up a future for us . Happy Easter!death, conquered pain, defeated evil and thus gave us access to a new type of life. A life whereby love seizes us and thus opens up for us a future. In the light and peace of the resurrection, I wish you a happy and holy Easter. 

Christ is truly risen!
(Rev. Fr.) Don Paul Denizot

Happy and holy Easter to you all!

2023 triduum at Montligeon

Vigile Pascale, samedi 8 avril 2023

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