Prayer to Our Lady of Montligeon

9 February 2021

Notre-Dame Libératrice
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Our Lady of Deliverance,

Have compassion on all our departed,
Especially those who are most in need of the Lord’s mercy.
Intercede for all those who have gone before us
And may the purifying love of God lead them to full deliverance.
May our prayer, united with the prayer of the whole Church,
Obtain for them joy beyond all their desires,
And bring consolation and relief to our loved ones
in their suffering and distress.
Mother of the Church, help us, pilgrims on earth,
to be better in living each day of our journey towards the Resurrection.
Heal the wounds of heart and soul.
Help us to become witnesses of the Unseen God,
Seeking already what the eye cannot see.
Grant us the grace to become apostles of hope
like those who keep vigil awaiting the dawn.
Refuge of sinners and Queen of all Saints,
Gather us all together one day,
n our Father’s House,
For the eternal Easter,
through Jesus Christ our Lord,
In the unity of the Holy Spirit,
Our Lady of Montligeon, pray for the Souls in Purgatory.

Imprimatur de + Msgr J.-C. Boulanger – 31 May 2007

Notre-Dame Libératrice
Our Lady of Deliverance

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Our Lady of Montligeon
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4 thoughts on “Prayer to Our Lady of Montligeon

  1. SunnyD says:

    I saw you on EWTN. What an amazing service you provide in praying for souls that have passed! Please pray for my beloved Dad, Grandpa, Grandma,Mamaw,&Papaw’s souls. Please also pray for my “incomplete pregnancy” that resulted in a miscarriage. I thank you for pointing out we should continue to pray for those that have passed. Bless your sweet souls for doing so…

    1. N-D de Montligeon (ESJ) says:

      Thank you for your encouragement. You can also register your loved ones for perpetual mass on our website :

    2. Martine COURVOISIER says:

      Thank you for your caring message. Do not hesitate on our website in English to check our special pages, for prayer petitions ( and for the deceased little ones (, where you will most probably find some comforting thoughts. God bless

  2. Travers says:

    Que l’Esprit-saint éclaire notre fille Nathalie quant à sa position vis-à-vis du covid et de la vaccination et dans ses relations avec le reste de la famille.

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