An illustrated children’s book on purgatory is a hit in the U.S.A.

15 November 2023

Susan Tassone et son livre pour enfants sur le purgatoire
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The very first illustrated children’s book on the theme of purgatory has just been published, as we celebrated All Saints’ Day and the commemoration of the dead. Its author and a friend of the shrine of Montligeon, Susan Tassone, is famous in North America for her many books on purgatory.

The album for children on purgatory is a hit in the USA

Susan Tassone, a friend of the shrine and a prolific author who likes referring to Montligeon in her books, has just published an unusual volume, aimed at talking about purgatory to children.  As soon as it was published, she got in touch with the shrine to  let us know. In fact, as it was coming out, her album was widely advertised by the Archdiocese of Detroit, the first among the American archdioceses to have it distributed to all its schools and parishes. A fine debut for this illustrated piece of work aimed at children,  and that responds to the aspiration of renewing a theme that is not quite easy of access.

In its press release the archdiocese relates that ”In a recent meeting with the Archdiocese of Detroit’s Confraternity for Holy Souls, an archdiocesan apostolate to foster intercessors praying regularly for the souls in purgatory, bestselling author and renowned “Purgatory Lady” Susan Tassone urged members to impart the Church’s teachings on Purgatory to the next generation of Catholics”. 

Major U.S. archdiocese pledges to promote purgatory

Susan Tassone shared the good news with the shrine of Montligeon and sent the press release promoting her book to all schools and parishes through the archdiocese, which, moreover, chose to make her new children’s book, New Friends Now and Forever: A Story about the Holy Souls, available to all Chancery staff. 

A valuable addition to our faith community

Here’s what Vicar General Father Jeffrey Day has to say about this first story book on purgatory : “This beautifully illustrated and engaging book will be a valuable addition to our faith community.  It offers an age-appropriate explanation of purgatory, a topic often viewed as complex and challenging for young minds to grasp.”      

Indeed, written for children ages 6-10, New Friends Now and Forever bears an Imprimatur and also includes guidance to help adults teach children about purgatory, a “Seek-and-Find” Catholic symbols activity page, and special prayers for the holy souls.

“This collaboration with Susan Tassone represents an important effort in our ongoing commitment to fostering a deeper understanding of our faith and a more profound connection with the Church’s teachings,” further stated Fr. Day. “We are excited about the positive impact New Friends Now and Forever will have on our community and look forward to seeing the spiritual growth it nurtures in the hearts of children and adults.” 

This book takes the fear out of purgatory and replaces it with God’s merciful love.

“It is a delightful story of twins who learn that purgatory is real and that it is nothing to fear because it is a special way God shows his love for us. This book takes the fear out of purgatory and replaces it with God’s merciful love.” 

A few key figures about the Archdiocese of Detroit: 

With roots dating back to 1701, the Archdiocese of Detroit administers Roman Catholic parishes and schools within the city of Detroit, as well as Wayne, Oakland, Macomb, St. Clair, Monroe and Lapeer counties. The 930,000 Catholic faithful of the Archdiocese are ministered to by 522 priests, 193 deacons, 635 religious sisters and 68 religious brothers serving in 215 parishes, 79 elementary and high schools, and five Catholic colleges and seminaries. 

The Diocese of Detroit was erected by Pope Gregory XVI in 1833 and was elevated to an Archdiocese by Pope Pius XI in 1937.  

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