Does Resurrection change life?

The resurrection of Christ is a truth of faith. Yet, in what tangible manner does the resurrection change my life? Does it alter anything as far as my body is concerned, or in my way of relating to others? Can resurrection help me when I […]

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Comment trouver l’espérance après un deuil ?

Comment trouver l’espérance après un deuil ? Marie-José a perdu sa fille unique, Hélène, dans un accident de voiture. Elle avait 18 ans. En deuil, elle est venue à Montligeon. Elle y a trouvé le réconfort et surtout l’espérance. Témoignage. “Montligeon est un lieu de […]

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Don Thomas Lapenne au micro de Guillaume Desanges pour RCF.
What becomes of love after death?

Death is a scandal. It is not meant to be associated with humane love for, when one loves, it is forever! What becomes of love after death? Is it severed once and for all? Rev. Fr. Don Thomas answers, at Guillaume Desanges for the French […]

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Notre-Dame Libératrice
Prayer to Our Lady of Montligeon

Our Lady of Deliverance, Have compassion on all our departed,Especially those who are most in need of the Lord’s mercy.Intercede for all those who have gone before usAnd may the purifying love of God lead them to full deliverance.May our prayer, united with the prayer […]

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