Embrace the Blessings of the Novena for the Departed with Our Lady Liberatrix

In the embrace of Our Lady Liberatrix, Our Lady of Deliverance of souls, we find hope, solace, and powerful help for our dearly departed to progress on their way to heaven. The (free) Novena for the Dead with Our Lady Liberatrix hosted on Hozana.org provides an opportunity to pray for the souls of the departed, offering them spiritual succour, and to comfort the living. By participating in this novena, you can play a part in the spiritual journey of your deceased loved ones.

9 Days of Prayer for your Deceased with Our Lady Liberatrix on Hozana

Our Lady Liberatrix

Our Lady Liberatrix, whose name translates to “Our Lady the Liberator,” is a powerful and compassionate intercessor for the souls in Purgatory. Her intercession is particularly potent in freeing souls from Purgatory where they are achieving the holiness necessary to enter into the joy of heaven. By turning to Our Lady Liberatrix, we invoke her motherly care for our loved ones no longer with us, and we ask for her help in leading them to their eternal home.

Communal Support and Unity

One of the most beautiful aspects of this Novena is the sense of community it fosters. When you join, you become part of a global network of individuals who share your desire to remember and pray for those who have departed. This sense of unity and shared purpose can be incredibly uplifting, as it reminds you that you are not alone in praying for your deceased or in your journey of remembrance and healing.

An audio version

Our Novena for the Dead with Our Lady Liberatrix includes an audio option, providing a convenient and immersive experience. You can join in prayer from the comfort of your own space, listening to the soothing audio as you meditate and reflect. This accessibility ensures that you can engage with the Novena in a way that suits your schedule and preferences.

Encourage Others and Find Encouragement

By participating in the Novena for the Dead, you have the opportunity to offer your prayers and support for those who may be grieving or seeking to honour and help their deceased. The act of praying for others can be deeply enriching, as it allows you to extend your compassion and love to those who need it most. In return, you may find encouragement and comfort in the knowledge that others are also praying for your intentions.


The (free) Novena for the Dead with Our Lady Liberatrix on Hozana.org is an incredible opportunity to provide solace and spiritual succour to the departed souls in Purgatory. By participating in this novena, you not only honour the memory of your loved ones but also help them progress to heaven. Join this community of faithful, and together, let us invoke the intercession of Our Lady Liberatrix to help our departed loved ones find eternal peace and happiness in God’s love. Your prayers have the power to make a significant difference, offering comfort and hope to both the living and the deceased!

How to Participate

Participating in the free Novena for the Dead with Our Lady Liberatrix is simple.

Click this link and decide whether to follow the novena by email, on Hozana.org or on the app.

For 9 days receive meditations and prayers for your deceased with Our Lady Liberatrix.

  1. Commit to Praying: Once you’ve joined, you can start praying the novena. The community provides a structured prayer plan with daily reflections and intentions, making it easy to participate.
  • Share Your Intentions: Take advantage of the community aspect of Hozana.org by sharing your intentions and joining others in prayer for their loved ones.
    You can do so by clicking here.


  1. I would like to pray for my deceased Grandparents Vera Elizabeth Hartsough Finnell, Ralph Theodore Finnell Juan Francisco Bonilla Almeida, Luz Maria Bonilla Madera and my late father Loren Douglas Lawrence Finnell.

    • Hello Lorena,
      You can do 3 concrete things for your deceased:
      The first free act is to pray for them. You can do this at any time in your life and it’s a wonderful gift for the living and the dead;
      The second act is to send your prayer intentions to be brought to the feet of Notre-Dame de Montligeon. Write your prayers using our contact form here: https://montligeon.org/en/contact/;
      The third act is to request a perpetual mass for your living or deceased loved ones using our registration form: https://montligeon.org/en/enrollment-for-the-perpetual-mass/
      In communion

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