Looking at death in the face

13 June 2022

Isabelle Serey animatrice du parcours Omega à Montligeon
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Looking at death in the face. Such was Isabelle’s feeling during the spell of her grievous illness. This ordeal, which at first was a source of anguish induced a conversion. Co-founder of the Omega course, a pathway for getting closer to God the Father, Isabelle shared in a short interview her experience, together with participants, during one of their sessions held at the Montligeon Shrine.  

Isabelle Serey, facilitator of the Omega sessions

Isabelle was critically ill for two years. She knew she was looking straight at death. At first, her illness threw her in genuine distress. She used to long to “get back to her previous life”. Then she underwent a conversion.

“I came to realize that, in the midst of such a trial, one could become a life fighter. I profoundly turned to my inner-self and, with the help of the Blessed Virgin Mary, whilst at the same time acutely at risk of dying, I came into contact with the dominion of life.”

The Omega Course, a path to God the Father

The Omega course, for getting closer to God the Father, is held over five days. It consists in    “opening up to our existence’s eternity”. Basically, it entails:

To trustingly enter into the move, first by recollecting happy memories, then by presenting one’s wounds, and by remitting one’s sufferings.

To dive into Mercy by accepting the mystery of one’s last end; by remitting one’s death into the Father’s hands.  

To enter into hope by contemplating the after-life so as to live an enhanced existence whilst here on earth;  to foster our inner aspiration for Heaven

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