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Death is the most important moment in life

La mort est le moment le plus important de la vie
No one dares think about death, yet many people came to Montligeon for the first "Preparing for death" session. Among them, Sylvie confided in us her feelings about death.

“Death does not scare me”

Je n'ai pas peur de mourir
Michèle Félix came all the way from Belgium. She shares her tetimony: she's not afraid to die. At Montligeon, she discovered that every mass prepares us for death.

How can we relate to our deceased?

Quel lien avec notre défunt ? Enseignement de soeur Cécile
The physical, sensitive bond with our loved-ones gets violently shattered when they die. When such destructive power hits, what then remains of our ties with the deceased?

The benefits of mass for the deceased

Les biensd
Viviane lost all her siblings, especially her twin brother. She remains the only believer in her family. She recounts how a mass celebrated for her deceased brother brought her peace.

When grief turns to anger

When her son dies of cancer, Josiane is angry. She recounts how she was soothed by a mourning break at Montligeon.

Suffering at the end of life

La souffrance en fin de vie

We’re all afraid of suffering, and that’s normal. What about suffering at the end of life? What kind of suffering are we talking about? What about assisted suicide? Analysis by don Paul Denizot for the Sanctuaires normands program on RCF.…

After death, a necessary purification

Le purgatoire, une purification après la mort
Purgatory belongs to the Catholic faith. However, aspects of it can be found in other cultures and religions, which affirm that purification is necessary after death.

How can we overcome the death of a friend?

Perdre un ami
Mourning a family member is commonly accepted. This is much less the case when it's a friend. What is the nature of this penalty? Don Thomas Lapenne's answer on RCF's Sanctuaires normands program.