“Death does not scare me”

Michèle Félix came all the way from Belgium. She shares her tetimony: she's not afraid to die. At Montligeon, she discovered that every mass prepares us for death.

Death is like a shameful illness that you don’t dare talk about. At Montligeon, this topic is discussed openly. As proof of this, a coaching session called “I am getting ready to die” was organized in February 2024. Among the participants was Michèle Félix, from Belgium. She claimed that she is not afraid to die, and that every mass prepares us for death.

Death does not scare me

“Death doesn’t scare me. On the contrary, I am looking forward to it. I think it’s going to be the best day of my life. So if I can get prepared to it, that’s just wonderful.

Rather, I fear the death of my loved ones. For example, I dreaded my mother’s death terribly. As a matter of fact, with God’s grace, I received the gift of conversion to be able to face it. And now, since I found the Lord again, I’m no longer afraid of anything. On the contrary, I am waiting. I trust in the Lord. I believe in surrendering to the Lord and trusting Him.

We must also rejoice for the departed, because they are heading upwards, towards bliss, towards happiness. So getting prepared to their departure is our busines. We should share in their joy and in Jesus’ joy in welcoming them.

At Montligeon, this topic is openly discussed

Death is like a shameful illness that you can’t talk about. Montligeon is a place where we can at last discuss death and our fears, both for ourselves or for others. Whereas elsewhere, people are left with their own burdens, fears and questions.

At Montligeon, we can express any feeling we may have about death –whether fear, anger, revolt or anything else. We will be listened to without being judged. We get what the Church’s response is, namely walking a path of hope and not remain prisoners of our fears. Which would be as if we were already dead before dying!”

Mass gets us ready for death

During the session, I discovered that all the stages of the Mass are a preparation for what we will experience at the end of our journey: being able to forgive, knowing that the Lord is waiting for us. It is something I had never heard about.

Next coaching session I am getting ready for death:
February 15-17, 2025

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