New Montligeon Prayer Group launched in the USA

30 September 2022

Première réunion du groupe de prière de Montligeon aux Etats-Unis (Ohio
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A new Montligeon Prayer Group got launched in Canton, Ohio, USA. It started on Sept. 21st, 2022 and takes place at St. George Romanian Byzantine Catholic Cathedral, with the attendance of Fr. Ovidiu Marginean, the Rector. At the origin of tis Montligeon prayer Group, a love story.

A love story

Subsequently to his wife’s demise, Anthony Orlando searched on the Internet and happened to find the Montligeon website. He left a special prayer petition by means of the online form and received in return a reply, assuring him that the whole community of prayer at the shrine will be praying to his very petition.

Carrying on his personal exchanges with the shrine, Tony opted to start off a Montligeon Prayer Group,

Rev. Fr. Ovidiu Marginean, the Rector of the Cathedral, not only gave his approval for the Montligeon Prayer Group, but attends it personally. The group meets every last Wednesday of the month, after the 8:00 am Holy Mass.

The latest Montligeon Prayer Group in the USA

First meeting of the Montligeon Prayer Group, St George’s Cathedral (Ohio), Sept. 21st, 2022.

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