Pray for your priests, and pray for vocations

“Pray for your priests, and pray for vocations”, such was the message that the Archbishop of Rouen, Msgr. Dominique Lebrun, addressed to the faithful from the dioceses of Normandy and to the pilgrims in Montligeon.

130 priests from the province of Normandy (France) came together and gathered around their bishops at the shrine of Montligeon. Subsequently to two days exchanges focused on the sacraments, Msgr. Lebrun, together with Msgr. Jacques Habert, bishop of Bayeux & Lisieux, Msgr. Grégoire Cador, bishop of Coutances-Avranches, Msgr. Olivier de Cagny, bishop of Evreux, and Msgr. Bruno Feillet, bishop of Séez, appealed to and encouraged the faithful to pray for priests and for vocations.

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