Become a hope maker for Montligeon, the world center of prayer for the poor souls!

30 May 2023

Devenez bâtisseur d'espérance ! Participez à la rénovation du toit de la basilique Notre-Dame de Montligeon
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Both the roofing of the nave and of the choir of Our Lady of Deliverance of the Holy Souls’ basilica are in urgent need of renovation. Like the donors who set the erection of the basilica on its way as early as 1896, you too can become a hope maker.

The future basilica in 1896

Soon after instigating the Work of prayer for the neglected souls in purgatory, Fr. Buguet decided to build the church. Yet, how to get about such a project? He turned to the “associates” who already were praying methodically for the deceased. Poor and rich alike, many contributed according to their means, and thus, the future basilica got rapidly erected. Initiated in 1896, it was blessed on 31st May 1911.

“The church of the forsaken souls is of much interest to all”, as would regularly appeal the newsletter to the faithful, “because probably no one can claim not having a relative or a friend suffering in purgatory and expecting to benefit from alms, prayers or good deed as the sweetest token of one’s affection.”

Actually we all hold dear at heart a deceased loved one, supporting them with our prayers. We too can help restore the basilica of this unique shrine “that does good to souls”.

Become a hope maker!

Would you not like to become a hope maker too? Donate for the renovation of such a unique basilica, endlessly sheltering tears, prayers and expectations of grieving people.

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