Theology sessions and spiritual breaks

11 May 2023

Sessions de théologie et pauses spirituelles
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The shrine of Our Lady of Deliverance of the Holy Souls in Montligeon organises each year several theology sessions and spiritual breaks. Such opportunities allow both for taking a restful break at the shrine and for food for thoughts with the chaplains’ conferences on various topics, such as the Eucharist, the Afterlife, etc.

About the theology sessions

The shrine of Montligeon sets theology sessions in collaboration with the Normandy Institute of Religious Studies. Each session comprises seven hours of lectures provided by the chaplain fathers of the shrine, on various topics of the Catholic faith, especially to do with the Last Things.

Presentation by Fr. Thomas Lapenne.

Sample of topics on avail for the 2023-2024 sessions: individual eschatology, death, status of the soul in separating from the body, individual judgement, the vision of Christ. Followed by heaven, purgatory, hell, and limbo. le purgatoire, l’enfer, les limbes.Appealing from a theological standpoint, such topics foster Christian hope too.

Upcoming theology sessions

Should we be afraid
of the final Judgement?

Eschatological topics

Spiritual breaks

Presentation by Fr. Thomas Lapenne.

The shrine of Our Lady of Deliverance of the Holy Souls in Montligeon offers a spiritual break in June, from Saturday 10th ending on Sunday 11th. A spiritual break treating focusing on Corpus Christi to experience the momentous mystery of the Eucharist.

Upcoming spiritual breaks

Love for the Eucharist

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