Parish priest’s prayer to St Joseph for his parishioners

22 March 2022

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How should one go about praying for one’s parish? St Joseph’s fervent friend, Fr. Buguet, founder of the Work of Montligeon wrote in 1873 a prayer to Saint Joseph to petition for his parishioners. Find out more.

Prayer for my parishioners

“Saint Joseph, guardian and protector of the Holy Family, I beg of you, be the guardian and the protector of my parish..

I entrust to you the salvation of the souls I have charge of. Take them under your powerful protection. deliver them from the snares of hell. Obtain from Jesus, your divine son, that these souls so dear to me may know the way that leads to Heaven. May they bravely resolve to walk it.

Bless their families. May parents be exemplary and be blessed enough to see their offspring become righteous. Help them be successful in their temporal needs and in all their undertakings lest they prove to be harmful.

Do help me as well, with regard the numerous and at times burdensome tasks of my apostolate. Sustain my endeavors undertaken for the glory of God and for the Church.

Assist the Pope and the Church. Rescue France and wipe away the tears of the distressed. Be the might of the defenceless. Watch over us during this life, and especially at the hour of our death. Amen.”

According to a prayer by Rev. Fr. Paul Buguet, founder of the work of Montligeon in 1873, as vicar of Serres-la-Verrerie.

Fr. Buguet, fervent friend of Saint Joseph

Saint Joseph has been prayed to ever since the start of the Montligeon. Most probably a confraternity of prayer devoted to Saint Joseph might already have been established in the parish before the arrival of Fr Buguet as parish priest of Saires-la-Verrerie, Normandy in July 1872. Were he its initiator, no one can say for sure, yet he fully supported the devotion as soon as he was appointed vicar. later, as he became the parish priest, on September 12, 1874, he endeavored to develop it further.

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