Thanks St Joseph! Say it with an ex-voto…

On December 8, 2021, closing on the liturgical year devoted to Saint Joseph by Pope Francis, the Shrine of Montligeon proposed the faithful to express their gratitude towards St Joseph by having an ex-voto engraved.

Ex-voto making by the Mousset workshops

A visit at the Mousset Firm which create the ex-votos that pilgrims have secured on website to bear testimony to the graces received through St Joseph’s intercession .

Inauguration of the ex-votos

The ex-votos will be unveiled at the side-chapel devoted to St Joseph, within the basilica at the shrine of Our Lady of Montligeon, on March 19, 2022 for his solemn feast day.

Visit at the workshops & process description with Romain Mousset

Ex-votos in gratitude to Saint Joseph

You may order your ex-voto until 02/28/2022 so as to have it be deposited in Saint Joseph’s chapel within the basilica of Our Lady of Montligeon, click here under:

On March 19, come and join us at the shrine for a pilgrimage to Saint Joseph

You also may book your lunch at the shrine catering facilities so as to make the most of your pilgrimage day!

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