The prayer of Montligeon in Breton

1 April 2022

drapeau breton
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Can one pray to Our Lady of Montligeon in Breton? The prayer to Our Lady of Montligeon was translated in breton and offered to the shrine by Tiegezh Santez Anna (Saint Ann’s Family in Breton), a private association of faithful located in the diocese of Vannes in Brittany, France.

Pedenn da Itron Varia MontligeonThe prayer of Montligeon in Breton

Itron Varia an Dieubidigezh
ho pezet truez ouzh hon holl vreudeur aet da anaon,
dreist-holl ouzh ar re o deus ar muiañ ezhomm eus trugarez an Aotrou.
Erbedit evit kement hini a zo aet diouzhimp
evit ma vo peursevenet ennañ oberenn a Garantez a vez o c’hlanaat.
Hor pedenn unanet ouzh hini an Iliz a-bezh
da c’hrataat dezho al levenez a zo dreist pep izuinad,
ha da zegas lomañ frealz ha kennerzh d’hor breudeur amprouet pe en diaskren.
Mamm an Iliz, skoazellit-ni,
pirc’hirined eus an douar ac’hanomp, da vuheziñ gwelloc’h bemdez
hon tremen davet an Dasorc’hidigezh.
Yac’hait-ni diouzh pep gloaz kalon hag ene.
Grit ac’hanomp testou eus an traoù diwelus,
lusket a-vremañ war-zu ar madoù ne c’hellont ket bezañ gwelet gant al lagad,
ha grit ac’hanomp abostoled ar Goubeizh heñvel ouzh gedourion skleur an deiz.
C’hwi minic’hi ar berc’herion ha Rouanez an holl Sent,
ra vimp holl bodet un deiz ganeoc’h
evit ar Pask peurbadel, e kenunaniezh an Tad,
gant Jezuz ar Mab, er Spered Glan a gantvedoù da gantvedoù.

Tiegezh Santez Anna

Like Bretons worth their salt, Tiegezh Santez Anna (St Ann’s Family in Breton) elected to confide in the patronage of St Ann, mother of the Blessed Virgin Mary.

Anchored in the Catholic Church tradition, and especially that of the Christian tradition of Brittany, their land of origin or of adoption, its members are eager to hasten the completion of God’s “plan for the fullness of times, to sum up all things in Christ, in heaven and on earth.” (Eph.1:10), they endeavor to carry on and promote the spiritual Christian tradition inherited from the centuries-old breton culture and language.

A brotherhood is at the core of Tiegezh Santez Anna, established in the Morbihan Black Mountains district. It brings together in a community life brothers who live in fraternal sharing, prayer and charity, following the Gospel pointers and in accordance with their specific vocation.

In close association with the cluster, a fellowship – or “communion” – of faithful who endeavor in their ordinary life to support the vocation of Tiegezh Santez Anna.

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