US priest comes and visits the world center of prayer for the deceased

20 June 2023

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Father Bernard travelled all the way from the USA to visit the world center of prayer for the deceased, after learning about it from US press and TV media. Find out how and why he came to pray for his deceased in Montligeon.

Father Bernard Doré, originally from India, shares his journey serving as a priest in different parts of the world. In 1994, after spending 15 years in Pondicherry, South India, his Bishop commissioned him to the Diocese of Providence, Rhode Island, USA. He explains how Saint John Paul II initiated the project of sending priests worldwide to share their faith and support people and parishes in need. Father Doré has been serving in the Diocese of Providence for the past 26 years, working in various parishes and is now based at St. Paul the Apostle Parish. Referring to his origins, since the region of India where he was born used to be a French colony, he explains that a great part of his family had settled in France further to leaving India. His parents had the opportunity to work in the French government, connecting them to France and establishing familial ties there.

Importance of praying for the souls in purgatory

His interest in visiting the shrine and participating in the Fraternity of Prayer for the Holy Souls stems from reading an article about the World Center of prayer for the Dead in the US Catholic magazine called Signs and Wonders. Additionally, he saw Susan Tassone, on EWTN TV network talking about it. This led Fr. Doré to research more about this unique shrine dedicated to praying for souls in Purgatory.

After discovering the shrine’s website and watching an interview with the Rector presented the shrine and the spiritual Fraternity of prayer of Montligeon, he decided to seize the opportunity to visit. He expresses the importance of such a unique place devoted to praying for the souls in purgatory, and the intercession of our Mother, known here as Our Lady of Montligeon, Our Lady of deliverance of souls in purgatory.

Fr. Bernard’s interview by Martine Courvoisier for the shrine of Montligeon.

Father Doré further emphasizes the need to remember and care for the souls in Purgatory, as love bonds are not severed; moreover, they need and rely on our prayers. Father Doré effectively invites all to recall at all times how praying for the dead is a deed of Mercy, favoured by God Himself.

Praying for the dead, a deed of mercy

He expressed gratitude for the opportunity priests have to offer Mass and prayers for the souls in purgatory. “A great gift and responsibility of the priesthood”. Considering it as a huge gift, he also underlines the responsibility it represents. Inspired by his visit, he plans to promote the Fraternity of prayer of Montligeon and its devotion to the souls in purgatory among his parishioners and friends. The conversation acknowledges the growing interest in the shrine and the Fraternity of Prayer for the Holy Souls from people in the United States.

Father Doré discusses his personal involvement in enrolling alive or deceased family members into the Fraternity of Our Lady of Montligeon. He expresses his increased interest in discovering the prayerful and peaceful environment and, moreover, acknowledges the concord that prayer brings among people. To conclude, Father Doré expresses his hope and will to return to the shrine and reiterates his commitment to continue praying for the Holy Souls. Expressing his gratitude for seeing the place where his kin he had enrolled are included in the daily prayers and Mass celebrated here throughout the year and forever. An experience he and his brother and sister in law thoroughly enjoyed.

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