Montligeon on US EWTN TV leading show: “Women of Grace”

4 January 2022

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On EWTN “Women of Grace” on Jan. 03, 04 & 05, 2022.

In addition to EWTN Live with Fr. Mitch in December, the shrine was highlighted by Johnnette Benkovic Williams, the famous and popular host of “Women of Grace” TV and Radio shows. She warmly received and interviewed further Ms. Martine Courvoisier, the shrine’s International Assistant for the English-speaking missions, on this unique Marian shrine devoted to praying for the poor souls.

In her great welcoming manners, Johnnette was eager to get the shrine better known; thus she sought to get all possible information accross so as to favour Montligeon and its specificities, with regards to praying for the dead, enrolling one’s deceased and living in the Fraternity of Our Lady of Montligeon so as to benefit from the Perpetual Mass, and about the special Chapel for the Deceased Little Ones… Find out more, click on the following and then enter: WGR11782 – The Shrine of Our Lady of Montligeon, Part 1  and WGR11783 – The Shrine of Our Lady of Montligeon, Part 2

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