Personalised roof tiles for Montligeon

7 March 2023

Une ardoise personnalisée pour Montligeon
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The Sisters of the New Convenant personalise the slates offered by donators, which will be placed in the roof of basilica and replace the ancient ones dating back to 1903. What is the significance of such a gesture? Sr. Catherine explains what it means to have the new roof tiles of the basilica personalised.

This is the latest mission that the Sisters of the New Convenant received at the shrine. They personalised the tiles offered by donators to help renovate the basilica roof top. What does the mission entail? It means to hand write the first and last name of the donator, together with the date of their offering. Once fitted in the new basilica rooftop, the new roof tiles will be set to last for over a century!

“Funding one or several slated has much significance,” says Sr. Catherine, “for the basilica is the house of God. It is a place of prayer for the shrine chaplains, the Sisters, and the pilgrims who come and entrust a deceased kin to our Lady of Deliverance of the poor souls.” I entrust him or her to the Lord.”

Personnalised roof tiles

As she hand writes the name of the donator, Sr. Catherine entrust the donator to the Lord”.

Soon, the roof top of the basilica of Montligeon will be gather thousands of donors’ names, as many a silent and discreet witness of this special place of prayer, peace and consolation.

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