A new team of chaplains is looking forward to welcoming you in Montligeon

7 September 2022

Chapelains à Montligeon
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available on a daily basis at the Shrine, you may partake in daily Mass, Morning or Evening Prayers, go to confession,  or be received for counseling.

La nouvelle équipe des chapelains du sanctuaire de Montligeon 2022 : Don Axel de Perthuis (chapelain), don Pierre Gazeau (chapelain), don Paul Denizot (recteur), don Thomas Lapenne (chapelain), Augustin Pagès (séminariste).
Meet the new team of chaplains at the shrine of Montligeon ministering as from Sept. 2022 (from left to right) : don Axel de Perthuis (chaplain), don Pierre Gazeau (chaplain), don Paul Denizot (rector), don Thomas Lapenne (chaplain), Augustin Pagès (seminarian).

Don Paul
Denizot, rector

Don Paul Denizot, recteur du sanctuaire Notre-Dame de Montligeon depuis 2018
Rev. Fr. (don) Paul Denizot trained as an engineer; was ordained a priest of the Community of Saint Martin in 2009; holds a a canonical license in theology at the Institut Saint Thomas d’Aquin (Toulouse, France); was appointed rector of the shrine of Our Lady of Montligeon in 2018; and also teaches dogmatic theology at the Evron (France) formation house of the community of Saint Martin.

Don Pierre

Don Pierre Gazeau | Sanctuaire de Montligeon - 2021- Don Pierre Gazeau est chapelain du sanctuaire Notre Dame de Montligeon. Il a été au service du Sanctuaire Notre Dame de Lourdes, puis vicaire en Sologne dans la paroisse de Cellettes.
Rev. Fr. (don) Pierre Gazeau is chaplain of the shrine of Our Lady of Montligeon. He used to serve at of the shrine of Our Lady of Lourdes; and was vicar of the parish of Cellettes, in Sologne.

Don Thomas

Priest of the Community of Saint Martin since 1998, Rev. Fr (don) Thomas Lapenne is a doctor of philosophy. After several years in Italy (Genoa and Rome), he was appointed as chaplain of the shrine of Our Lady of Montligeon in 2021. He is a teacher at the seminary of the community of Saint Martin in Evron (France).

Don Axel
de Perthuis

Rev. Fr. (don) Axel de Perthuis was ordained in June 2022; he begins his ministry as chaplain of the shrine of Our Lady of Montligeon. Prior to becoming a seminarian, he fulfilled his studies at the famous Ecole Polytechnique. Native of Paris outskirts.

Augustin Pagès, seminarian

Augustin Pagès, seminarian with the Community of Saint Martin in 2019, is a native of Dijon, France. He studied for two years at the French National Navy Lycée Naval in Brest, Brittany, and then joined the Community of St Martin formation center.

Offices, celebrations and confessions schedules

Sundays & Holy Days

09:00 – Lauds –
11:00 – Mass – Live
14:30 – Chaplet for the Souls in purgatory
15:00 – Vespers & adoration of the Blessed Sacrament
Confessions from 15:15 till 16:00


07:30 – Lauds – Live
08:00 – Mass – Live
11:30 – Mass
17:15– Chaplet for the Souls in purgatory
17:45 – Vespers
Confessions from 15:30 till 17:30

Mondays to Fridays

07:30 – Lauds – Live
08:00 – Mass – Live
11:30 – Mass
17:15 – Chaplet for the Souls in purgatory
17:45 – Holy Hour
18:45 – Vespers

Confessions from 17:45 till 18:45

As from the end of November (marking the end of the “Heavenly Pilgrimages”), from Mondays to Saturdays, prayers, celebrations, and confessions take place at the Chapel of the Resurrection at the main building (at the “Hermitage”) until Palm Sunday.

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