France Bishops Conference presents the shrine of Montligeon

14 March 2023

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In a short movie published on its website, France Bishops Conference presents the shrine of Montligeon. Guided tour of this unique shrine by its rector, Fr. Paul Denizot.

Guided tour of the shrine for the France Bishops Conference

The shrine of Montligeon is devoted to praying for the deceased. People come from near and afar to entrust their beloved to Our Lady of Deliverance, to enrol them in the spiritual Fraternity of Montligeon for the Perpetual Mass, and to pray for souls in Purgatory. What is the genesis the shrine?  The Rev. Fr. Buguet’s extraordinary vision and prophetic intuition initiated this charitable work of prayer, accredited by several Sovereign Pontiffs.

In connection with the apostolate for the most neglected souls in Purgatory, the Shrine developed a ministry of compassion, and counselling for the bereaved. Additionally, it hosts throughout the year pilgrims seeking silence, or answers to their questions amidst a world that has lost its bearings.

Thus, the shrine opens all
year through offers, in addition to the sessions for the bereaved, preached retreats,
training gatherings, or family spiritual vacations, on various topics.

What’s more, it receives constituted groups, who come for a specific retreat together with their parish or diocesan priests, and facilitators.

France Bishops Conference’s interest in Montligeon

Furthermore, the shrine hosts people for a   break, taking time away from the hustle – bustle of their everyday life, looking to clear the inner garden of their relationship with God, or to take stock before making an important decision in their personal or professional life.  

And, not to be forgotten, all the visitors to the basilica who come out of curiosity, having discovered at the bend in the road, this magnificent “cathedral in the fields” which continues to attract by its bucolic charm and the peace it extends, and who never leave quite the same as they entered.

They feel the real presence, and that of the Mother of compassion and of Mercy, who has been welcoming all and everyone for over a century, and who shall continue to do so.

The mission of the shrine by means of the chaplains and the community of the Sisters of the New Covenant is to open our arms to those who take the step and enter this ensemble whose beauty already delights and soothes the heart. Thus, they meet people who need to confide in them, to be listened to, and unburden their hearts.

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