Montligeon missions to Lebanon and Syria

12 October 2022

Mission au Liban, le port de Beyrouth
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Fr. Paul Denizot and Fr. Pierre Gazeau traveled to Lebanon and Syria from Sept. 6 to 19, 2022, in order to meet Eastern Christians and Montligeon Prayers Groups there. Travelogue.

Fr. Paul Denizot relates.

Mission to Lebanon

The Maronite Archbishop of Damas, Syria, Msgr Samir Nassar, welcomed and guided Fr. Paul and Fr. Pierre during their visit to Lebanon. Our two emissaries sought to meet the Christians of Lebanon. Especially, the Montligeon prayer group in Jal El Dib, as well as the widow of Mr. Georges Kamar, a dear friend of the shrine of Montligeon. Meeting with the Christians brought home to the visitors the serious repercussions of the successive wars and the present unprecedented economic crisis that the Lebanese Christians are undergoing.

Photo Album

Mission to Syria

Fr. Paul’s visit started in Damas, by a visit of the town. In Alep, a surprise awaits the Rector. Indeed he discovers there a Maronite Chapel dedicated to Our Lady of Montligeon.
Built in 1908, it was unfortunately destroyed during the civil war. The Christians nevertheless rebuilt and transformed it in a community center serving families and children.

The visit of Alep, the martyr city, was moving and impressive. The terrible Syrian civil war left numerous parts of the city totally mutilated.

Numerous Christians have fled the country, yet, the bishops have chosen to remain. Fr. Paul met one of them, Msgr. Tobji, the Maronite Bishop of Alep. Fr. Paul also spent fraternal and warm moments with Abouna (Fr.) Ghassan, of the Greek-Orthodox Church of Alep, and with Fr. Raymond Sabbouh, of the Greek-Catholic Church of Alep, and with Fr. Gabriel, of the Maronite Church of Alep.

Photo Album of the visit to Syria

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