Montligeon mission to the USA

14 December 2022

2022-12-19 With Cardinal Dolan, Archbishop of New York
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In 1897, Fr. Buguet visited the United States where the spiritual charitable work he had initiated merely a few years earlier had diffused. Mid-December 2022, Fr. Paul Denizot, the rector of Montligeon followed his footsteps. Along with him were Fr. Axel de Perthuis, chaplain, and Martine Courvoisier, the assistant for the English-speaking missions. Find out more about the Montligeon mission to the USA.

Fr. Buguet’s expedition to the United States

Assisted by an English-speaking priest, he embarked on “Le Gascogne” steamer in May 1897, Paul Buguet sought to respond to the Montligeon friends’ invitation to come and visit. Merely three years after initiating this charitable work, he was eager to trigger off a new wave of intercessors in the USA for the sake of the poor Souls.

The crossing took thirteen days reaching the port of New-York on May 23, 1897.

Excerpt of Fr. Buguet’s passport, issued by the prefect of Sees, Normandy (France).

In New-York city, Fr. Buguet was dazed by the generosity of the American people demonstrated, among other things, by the “numerous charitable institutions: (such as) hospices, orphanages”. He was also most impressed by the size of housing, “houses of ten to twelve story high”. Yet, above all, he was in awe before the “excellent welcome” that they received wherever he went.

The 1897 Mission went on at a steady pace. “We move in a rapid manner”, he explained in one of his letters, ” we work all day long and travel by night as often as possible. It would take one whole year to do all that we would like to. Since we don’t have it, we intend to make best use of the time we have”.

The 2022 Montligeon mission to the USA

The twentieth century mission visited the same cities as did Fr. Buguet, although not in the same order according to the bishops’ availability. First on the agenda was Chicago, followed by Providence, Boston, Hartford, Philadelphia, Cincinnati, New York and finally with Baltimore.

The purpose of the 2022 Mission was to meet with the Bishops or Archbishops of each (arch)diocese that Fr. Buguet had himself visited over one hundred and twenty-five years ago. And, furthermore, to present the spiritual opus of prayer for the souls in Purgatory.

Pics (from left to right, from top to bottom): Fr. Axel de Perthuis, Cardinal Cupich, Archbishop of Chicago, Il., & Fr. Paul Denizot; Fr. Axel de Perthuis, Bishop Tobin, Bishop of Providence, R.I., & Fr. Paul Denizot; Martine Courvoisier, Fr. Axel de Perthuis, Fr. Paul Denizot and Cardinal O’Malley, Archbishop of Boston, MA; Fr. Axel de Perthuis, Msgr. Kutys, Vicar General of the Archdiocese of Philadelphia, PA., & Fr. Paul Denizot; Martine Courvoisier, Fr. Axel de Perthuis, Msgr. Lori, Archbishop of Baltimore, MD. & Fr. Paul Denizot; Fr. Axel de Perthuis, Msgr. Blair, Archbishop of Hartford, CT. & Fr. Paul Denizot; Fr. Axel de Perthuis, Msgr. Schnurr, Archbishop of Cincinnati, OH. & Fr. Paul Denizot; Fr. Axel de Perthuis, Fr. Paul Denizot, Cardinal Dolan, Archbishop of New York, and Martine Courvoisier.

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