Mourning retreat in Montligeon

28 September 2022

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Coming from Guadeloupe, from Montreal or from Cabourg, Sylvia, Cathy and Vania came to the shrine of Our Lady of Montligeon to take part in the comforting retreat for the bereaved, held from July 5 to 12, 2022. Why did they want to take part in this retreat for bereaved people in Montligeon? What are the benefits of such a session?

Vania, Sylvie and Cathy, the comforting retreat for bereaved people held from July 5 to 12, 2022.

Why take part in the comforting retreat for bereaved people?

Some come from far away places to attend in the Montligeon comforting retreat for bereaved people. Vania specially came all the way from Montreal, Canada. ” After the demise of my father, I searched on the Internet and happen to find the Montligeon website. In Canada, we have shrines and pilgrimages, just like you have in France, but Montligeon is the one and only shrine dedicated to the prayer for the deceased.”

Cathy lives at 150 kms from the shrine of Montligeon. She lost her two parents in a very short time. She registered to be part of the session because: “I miss them so much that I felt the need to find nurturing and insight, and also to be with people who understood my suffering.” d’être avec des personnes qui comprennent my grief.” As for Sylvia, she traveled all the way from Guadeloupe. She was seeking to join in a retreat for bereaved people, subsequently to the demise of both of her parents, as well.

What are the benefits of such a session?

“This retreat helped me to relate once again with the deceased members of my family, as well as moving forward as far as the various stages of mourning are concerned”, explained Sylvia. She was particularly moved by the shrine “Thank you/Sorry” approach proposed during a prayer vigil at the basilica. Responsive to the beauty of the site, she really appreciated the offer to pray for the deceased and the living, and especially the most forsaken souls in purgatory.

prior to going back home, Vania witnessed to her “remaining mourning, but the retreat provided me with an horizon and peace. I feel comforted and hopeful. I am contented”

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