Bereavement: a wound of the heart

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Bereavement is the pain endured further to the demise of a beloved one. It represents a real wound of the heart. Should it erased once and for all? by Father Don Bertrand Lesoing, priest of the sacerdotal Community of St. Martin, and chaplain of the shrine of Our Lady of Montligeon, France. He holds a doctorate of theology, teaches at the community Mother House in Evron, France, and has published several books, the latest is entitled “Dernières nouvelles de l’au-delà (Le Cerf, 2019), particularly aimed at bereaved people.

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Prière pour les défunts

Is praying for our dead and hoping they are saved incompatible?

We would love to know whether or not our deceased loved ones are in Heaven. Is praying for our deceased and hoping they are saved incompatible? If it is impossible to know, we must trust that they are in Heaven and pray for them tirelessly.

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Etre chrétien facilite-t-il le travail de deuil

Does being a Christian facilitate the stages of mourning?

Dr. Elisabeth Kübler-Ross identified 5 stages experienced by the kin: denial, anger, bargaining, depression and acceptance. Sister Cecilia would rather speak of the various “states” in mourning, because the course – or rather the courses – involved in mourning are not undeviating. Moreover, emotions can play hide and seek and often waiver from one to another as well as be overwhelming.

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Should we talk about the dead to children ?

The death of a loved one affects so much the adults that they tend to not let their children know about it, so as to protect them. Very often, they remain silent and choose not to trigger off questions from their young ones. Should we talk to children about the dead?

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