Pilgrimage to Saint Joseph in Montligeon

16 March 2022

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On March 19, the shrine of Montligeon celebrates the solemnity of Saint Joseph with a day pilgrimage during which, the ex-votos ordered by pilgrims and set in the basilica in gratitude to St Joseph will be blessed. Come to St Joseph, to thank him for his support, or ask for it. Entrust your health, your work or your family. Come and partake in the pilgrimage to Saint Joseph in Montligeon!

Pilgrimage to Saint Joseph

The pilgrimage to Saint Joseph in Montligeon is a way of show him in gratitude for his support, or ask for it so as to entrust one’s health, work or family to his care and intercession. Furthermore, Saint Joseph is also the saint patron of the happy death. Thus let us petition him for the grace of a peaceful death, reconciled with our kin and beloved, with ourselves, and with God.

Pilgrimage schedule:

09:00: Lauds

10:00: Meditations and devotions to Saint Joseph

11:00: Solemn Mass, presided by the Rev. Fr. Jacques Roger, curate of Bellême, followed by the benediction of the ex-votos

14:30: Rosary

15:00: Tuition by Rev. Fr. Pierre Gazeau

15:45: Vespers and Salute of the Blessed Sacrament

Unveiling and blessing of the ex-votos in Montligeon

Installation of the ex-votos

At the closure of 2021, year dedicated to St Joseph, the shrine of Montligeon proposed pilgrims to have ex-votos engraved in thanks-giving for graces from St Joseph . About 80 ex-votos have been ordered and carved in marble by Mousset marble-makers. The ex-votos have now been fitted in the dedicated side-chapel in the basilica of Our Lady of Montligeon.

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