Why enrol in the Fraternity of Montligeon?

Enrolling people in the Montligeon Fraternity, Adrianna knows all about it! She does regularly enrol in it both the deceased and the living. She tells us why.

Adrienna knows all about enrolling people in the Montligeon Fraternity! She does regularly enrol in it both the deceased and the living. She tells us why.

What to do with the enrolling certificate?

I often send a photo of the certificate to deceased family members, saying: ”Assuring you of prayers. Please also know that others are praying for him or her.” Sometimes it happens that they have not heard of Montligeon, so it represents a real gift.  I do this with all my heart, so that the deceased can reach the true light.

Sometimes I don’t give straightaway the certificate because I’m waiting for the right moment to do so. People in mourning can feel anger, be in denial or in confusion: I know all this only too well. Moreover, anger cuts you off so you can’t allow people get close. When I feel they are more at peace, I send them the certificate(s) and explain to them what the Fraternity of Montligeon is all about…

Why enrol a deceased person in the spiritual Fraternity of Montligeon? 

It was just marvellous for me to learn that other people than myself would be praying for them. Even for the deceased  for whom I find it difficult to pray. The members of the Fraternity and the prayer groups take over from there.

I have also thus entrusted people from my family tree whom I never met but who, knowingly or not, by means of hurtful words, lack of attention or love, have armed my ancestors. I’ve seen the fruits of my enrolling them: situations have unravelled, I felt delivered from burdens, and even from physical ailments. I received words that have cleared up situations. I witnessed more joy, more forgiveness, more love and kindness in my family.  Moreover, my father departed in peace.

Can you enrol a living person?

Of course! I often do and I find it helps me in specific situations. For example, when I’m angry with someone, or when a person has hurt me. If I start to hold a grudge, we can easily get into a conflict. Even if peace would be much better. As it’s difficult for me to pray for this kind of person, I ‘d rather have others pray for them. Maybe it  will bring them understanding, peace and goodness.

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