What becomes of love after death?

22 March 2021

Don Thomas Lapenne au micro de Guillaume Desanges pour RCF.
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Death is a scandal. It is not meant to be associated with humane love for, when one loves, it is forever!
What becomes of love after death? Is it severed once and for all? Rev. Fr. Don Thomas answers, at Guillaume Desanges for the French catholic radio network, RCF.

What becomes of love after death? What is love made of? Caring gestures, words, and acts that enable us to express to someone that we want his/her good. Once the person is dead, we can no longer make it manifest. And we miss that and it affects us profoundly.

Death does not mean the end of love

God is love. How could He be estranged from true love? Any human love is a facet of divine love. How could it get lost or vanish for ever? Love continues beyond death.

“On earth, I wanted you to be happy, I wanted your good. Today my joy comes from knowing that you are happy beside God, at the place that He has now chosen for you.”

Rev. Fr. Thomas Lapenne interviewed by Guillaume Desanges for RCF.

Praying for the deceased is a way of wanting his/her good, his/her happiness. Furthermore one can enroll him or her in the Fraternity of Our Lady of Montligeon. Thus he/she will benefit from the prayer of the whole spiritual community of Montligeon.

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