Does Resurrection change life?

6 October 2021

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The resurrection of Christ is a truth of faith. Yet, in what tangible manner does the resurrection change my life? Does it alter anything as far as my body is concerned, or in my way of relating to others? Can resurrection help me when I die? Does resurrection prevents me from experiencing adversity? Does resurrection impart a meaning to my life? Six questions, six answers from Rev. Fr. Don Paul Denizot for RCF Orne.

Rev. Fr. Don Paul Denizot interviewed by Guillaume Desanges for RCF.

Does Resurrection change my life?

No one can bring himself to having to die. In his innermost, one cannot help but wonder: who gets the last word, death or life?

As Christians, since the apostles and the disciples told us two thousand years ago, we believe that Christ died and rose again. He defeated death and He thus indicates that death, this mind-boggling abyss, is not the end of it all. Quite the opposite! He is by our side and He enables us “walk through the valley of death” and offers us life.

In what tangible manner does the resurrection change my life?

“And if Christ has not been raised (…), we are of all people most to be pitied” asserts Saint Paul. Indeed, our life is only but a tension towards death and towards oblivion. If so, all we have to do is eat and drink, as the Apostle says, and even get benumbed in addictions. What is the point of living if our future makes no sense? However, if Jesus is resurrected, no matter what the adversity I might be presently experiencing, it surely won’t have the final say.

Does resurrection alter anything as far as my body is concerned, or in my way of relating to others?

As Christ rose again with his body, we will rise again with our soul and with our body. One’s body is not a mere piece of machinery that can be upgraded – increased – as transhumanism pledges. It’s not a rag doll that one can discard.

We must first respect it, thus we hold funerals, and burry our dead. Furthermore, we hope that we will be reunited with our loved ones, but also in their bodily shape. In Heaven we shall be able to kiss them, hold hands, see them with our eyes of flesh and hug them.

We do not save ourselves by ourselves and we want to go to Heaven together, as Benedict XVI wrote. Human solidarity means that we are codependent. If I believe in the resurrection, I ought to proclaim it to a sometimes desperate world. Believing in the resurrection commits me to others, especially the weakest and the poorest.

Can resurrection help me when I die??

The promise of resurrection does not prevent us from being afraid of dying. It conveys peace and the certainty that life and love will hold the final word. When our life comes to an end, we will still need to draw on our faith and bravely face the abyssal perspective abyss of death. We need to pray for the dying and petition that they may experience in a tangible way the presence of Christ conquering over death.

Does resurrection prevents me from experiencing adversity?

The Blessed Virgin Mary told Bernadette:“I don’t promise you to be happy in this world, but in the next.” Whilst on earth, we are on a pilgrimage.the whole creation has been groaning together with labor pains until now. (saint Paul). Christian life is not a guarantee for happiness here on earth. We experience ordeals but we grasp that the term is happy.“Our greatest happiness lies before us”. (Pope Francis).

Does resurrection impart a meaning to my life?

Here in Montligeon we can witness to many a distress. Most are meaningless from a normal perspective, and yet those who experience them remain standing in hope. Christian hope tells us that the Lord weeps with us just like He wept for his friend Lazarus. It tells us that the Lord defeated pain and suffering. However, we have to keep hold of his hand, even if it means shouting out at him, or claiming explanations. No matter what, by clinging to the hand of the Lord, we shall cross the valley of death.

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